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22 March 2013

Justified 411

By // TV

This week’s Justified more than makes up for this season’s lulls. The Marshals go to war with Theo Tonin’s envoys over Drew Thompson, letting loose a thrilling torrent of barbs, …

12 March 2013

Justified 409

By // TV

It was a straightforward, long-awaited Justified this week. In an opening scene, Raylan spells out that to “hash something out” comes from the French for cut; like hatchet, or as …

04 March 2013

Justified 408

By // TV

People are dropping like flies along the way towards Drew Thompson. It’s a murder-heavy episode, but the most important one comes first: Arlo Givens, Harlan County’s Worst Father, dies of …

24 February 2013

Justified 407

By // TV

Perhaps combined last weeks over-bloated Justified and this weeks light episode could have made one interesting story. The Drew Thompson Mystery does not appear to be complicated enough to pad …

19 February 2013

Justified 406

By // TV

“Footchase” reveals a key problem in Justified’s new direction: without a central villain to organize around, the episode drags along, weighed down by a mess of plots and characters. The …

08 February 2013

Justified 405

By // TV

After spending the first four episodes apart, Justified’s hero and anti-hero finally meet again, brought together by familial ties to this season’s increasingly complex central mystery. Appropriately, the episode is …

03 February 2013

Justified 404

By // TV

This weeks Justified was an inevitable lull. The plot this time around wraps up the loose ends created by more than a few birds flying the coop. The episode has …

26 January 2013

Justified 403

By // TV

The title, “Truth and Consequences,” of this weeks Justified is an apt summary of the episode. Truths are revealed; consequences are felt. First: Raylan learns the truth about Lindsey. Now …

24 January 2013

Fringe, the Finale

By // TV

The final season of Fringe was not a misstep, but a plummet off a cliff of stale, forced ideas. I am being melodramatic in order to care, at all, about …

18 January 2013

Justified 402

By // TV

Breaking from its normal structure, Justified’s second episode, “Where’s Waldo,” simply picks up where the previous one left off. The episode replaces Raylan’s usual one-off marshalling story with a continuation …

15 January 2013

Justified 401

By // TV

Why aren’t more people watching Justified? The show, now returning for its fourth season, which basically revolves around the fact that Timothy Olyphant totally pulls off a cowboy hat. Olyphant …

23 December 2012

Fringe, The Final Season

By // TV

Read Laurel’s take on the Series Finale HERE. I started catching up with the most recent, and final, season of Fringe with a friend who had never seen the show …

21 December 2012

Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace

By // TV

The 2004 BBC comedy, Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace is weird. To back this statement up, I was taken to experimental theatre from the age of five onwards, so weird entertainment and …

11 November 2012

Cloud Atlas

By // Cinema

There’s an easy way and a hard to explain Cloud Atlas. The easy way: it simultaneously tells six linked stories taking place over the span of five hundred years. Individually …

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