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07 June 2017

Jam at the Finborough Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

We all have bad experiences with teachers; some are worse than others. Jam tells the story of a history teacher named Bella (Jasmine Hyde) who, haunted by a rough past …

27 May 2017

Othello at Wilton’s Music Hall

By // Theatre (London)

Othello was written 400 years ago but remains shockingly prescient in this day and age. A society unaccepting of a woman falling in love with a black man, does that ring …

19 May 2017

Richard III at the Arcola

By // Theatre (London)

I enjoy comic relief in a tragedy. Some say it butchers the essence of the play but I like it. Richard III at the Arcola takes a rebellious spin turning …

20 April 2017

It’s Not Yet Midnight at the Roundhouse

By // Theatre (London)

There are times when it can be refreshing to step away from the theatrical realm and explore other forms of artistic expression. It’s Not Yet Midnight has no story, little cohesion …

25 February 2017

Beau Brummell: An Elegant Madness at Jermyn Street Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Beau Brummell, if you aren’t acquainted with this name, was one of the first “celebrities”…

25 February 2017

Nominee Interview Series: Toby Peach

By // Theatre (London)

Before we announce the winners of the 2016 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series…

22 February 2017

La Ronde at The Bunker

By // Theatre (London)

La Ronde is about sex. It’s about the anticipation, the aftermath and the desire of sexual acts. If you walk in without knowing this, even the most open minded of …

03 February 2017

Dirty Great Love Story at Arts Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Dirty Great Love Story started as a 10-minute poetry duet featuring the two writers, Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna. It then went on to Vault Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and became a …

16 January 2017

Strangers in Between at the King’s Head Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

The whole theatre/pub culture in London is pretty fantastic if you ask me. The first time I attended a performance in one of these venues, I was so amazed by …

20 December 2016

Benighted at the Old Red Lion Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Am I the only person who actually enjoys clichés once in a while? I mean, not every production is the most inventive but is that really the worst thing? When …

07 December 2016

Thebes Land at the Arcola Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Patricide is not a subject many people wish to tackle, especially not in the confines of the theatre. Thebes Land tells the story of a man, who calls himself T, …

01 December 2016

Candide by Sedos

By // Theatre (London)

Putting Voltaire on stage is a difficult task: it is easy to think of the philosopher’s work as too sophisticated for musical adaptation. Bernstein and Wheeler’s version of Candide attempts …

28 October 2016

Tomorrow I was Always a Lion at the Arcola

By // Theatre (London)

The Belarus Free Theatre has taken on a challenge by putting on Tomorrow I was Always a Lion. Portraying mental health onstage, especially schizophrenia, is no easy task. Because many …

19 October 2016

Choosers at the Etcetera Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

If there is one subject that makes most people uncomfortable, it is that of homelessness. Rare are those who stop and speak to homeless men and women on the street, …

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