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08 October 2016

Bridewell’s Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas

By // Theatre (London)

If it takes seven people to tell a story, you hope it’s a good story. Luckily, The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas is a good story and a gripping performance. At the …

13 September 2016

Britten in Brooklyn at Wilton’s Music Hall

By // Theatre (London)

Second World War stories always seem to be crowd-pleasing, bringing in elements of tragedy, violence, treason and, in this case, …

27 August 2016

Camden Fringe ’16: Part III

By // Theatre (London)

Runts School can be rough, but one can hope it’s never as rough as it is in Runts. Set in an English state school, it tells the story of a class …

11 August 2016

Ctrl Alt Delete at the Camden People’s Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

As the lights come on and the audience listens to Emma Packer onstage, it is clear from the very start that Ctrl Alt Delete will be a great show. Emma is the …

09 August 2016

Camden Fringe ’16: Part II

By // Theatre (London)

Quiche Dinner parties rarely go as planned onstage. Quiche tells the story of John and Jenny who are having Jo and Jake over for a quiet night in. But John has other …

06 August 2016

Camden Fringe ’16: Part I

By // Theatre (London)

Ya’akobi and Leidental  It starts out light, but ends on a rather depressing note. Ya’akobi, played by Daryl Green, is sick and tired of living a quaint life with his …

31 July 2016

Rotterdam at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

From the moment the audience walks into Trafalgar Studios, they know it will be a fun evening. A girl in funky clothing is dancing around the room to pop music …

23 July 2016

How to Win Against History at the Ovalhouse Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

The absurd can be the best escape from reality. People laugh not knowing why but it doesn’t really matter in the end because everyone is entertained. This is precisely how …

16 July 2016

Cargo at the Arcola Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

With a mixture of hope, tragedy, war and even a few laughs, Cargo forces audiences to tackle the subject of refugees and what happens when it hits close to home. …

30 June 2016

Iris Theatre’s Much Ado About Nothing

By // Theatre (London)

Outdoor performances in London can be a gamble. If it rains, all the audience cares about is that they were in a dry, covered space. Luckily, Iris’ Theatre production of …

28 June 2016

Dancing with the Devil at Lilian Baylis Studio

By // Theatre (London)

A mixture of ballet and theatre can be enjoyed at Lilian Baylis Studio until June 29th. Dancing with the Devil tells the story of the famous Russian ballet dancer Rudolf …

27 June 2016

Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe

By // Theatre (London)

A mixture of confusion and admiration is felt throughout Iqbal Khan’s production of Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe. The admiration is due to the quality of the acting; the confusion has …

25 June 2016

Barbu at the London Wonderground Festival

By // Theatre (London)

No one really goes to the circus anymore. It feels outdated. The acrobats, the animals and the amazement are a thing of the past. People prefer the theatre because they …

24 June 2016

Ross and Rachel at the Battersea Arts Centre

By // Theatre (London)

The power of silence in theatre is impressive. There is often no need for music when the emotions felt on stage are strong enough to relay to the audience. But …

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