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25 March 2020

Les Ballet Trockadero

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Les Ballets Trockadero has returned once more to Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited. The crowd was a varied wonder on March 8, ranging from eager children, to professional …

17 February 2020

Canadian Opera Company: Hansel & Gretel

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Canadian Opera Company designed a playful Winter Season…

13 February 2020

Canadian Stage: Radical Vitality- Solos & Duets

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Seeing a compilation show from the ‘Compagnie Marie Chouinard’ was just as deliciously weird as I hoped it would be. Heralded as one of Canada’s greatest dancers and choreographers, hers …

13 February 2020

Citadel + Compagnie: this happened…

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Onstage at the inspiring Citadel + Compagnie, Kate Hilliard’s production of this happened… is personal, thoughtful, and dreamlike. The opening scene is striking and powerful, and the audience is pulled …

04 February 2020

Skyfall in Concert: Q&A with Conductor Evan Mitchell

By // Cinema

James Bond returns to Toronto with Skyfall, 007 in Concert. The score will be performed by a live orchestra at the newly rebranded Meridian Hall on February 21st and 22nd, …

15 December 2019

Three Ships’ Christmas Carol at Campbell House

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I think I have a new Christmas tradition. I’ve always known the story of A Christmas Carol, but it’s never been a big part of my life. It’s the one …

23 October 2019

The COC’s Fall 2019 Season

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Canadian Opera Company has set out a delicious 2019/20 season. I have been excited to see Turandot since last fall when the upcoming season was released. Knowing little about …

09 October 2019

Kat Sandler Debuts Yaga at the Tarragon

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Tarragon Theatre has set up a wonderfully witchy opening to its autumn season. Leaves are turning, the air is cooling, and the fall season of theatre has begun. Onstage from …

19 September 2019

Soulpepper’s Seductive Betrayal

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The 1978 play Betrayal comes alive through Soulpepper’s production. The cast and crew are immaculate, and the set is designed in an incredibly effective way. Time slides through the cracks …

11 July 2019

Toronto Fringe, 2019: Part X

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Take a look at our full list of 2019 Fringe reviews HERE. Omen: The Musical (A) This modern witchy musical about a post-climate change (aka post-apocalyptic) world is eerie and enchanting. …

03 July 2019

The Deaf Culture Centre’s Black Drum

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I spent an amazingly mind-bending and eye-opening evening at the performance of The Black Drum at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Performed by the Deaf Culture Centre with …

17 June 2019

On Tour to TO: The Book of Mormon

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Book of Mormon has returned to Toronto, and thank Heavenly Father it has! A hit since the beginning, the show has traveled to Toronto a few times and always …

10 June 2019

Bad Dog’s COMBUSTION, 2019

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Bad Dog Theatre Company performed their annual comedy festival, COMBUSTIONfestival, from May 27-June 1, to great success and lots of laughs. The festival is a “week-long comedy party” that …

16 May 2019

OLD STOCK: A Refugee Love Story

By // Theatre (Toronto)

What caught my attention for Tarragon Theatre’s performance of OLD STOCK: A Refugee Love Story was Ben Caplan. I read that he did the music for the show, and immediately …

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