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09 October 2018

Talking Treaties Spectacle at Fort York

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I am always interested and excited to see performances (dance, theatre, music) that are setting-specific, designed for the performance space. There is something special and unique that happens when a …

16 August 2018

SummerWorks ’18: Part III

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of SummerWorks Reviews fantasylover (A+) fantasylover was weird and wonderful. The characters presented onstage were so clear and defined, and had the …

23 February 2018

DanceWorks: Prevailing Voices

By // Theatre

On a dreary Thursday night in February, I went to see two wonderful women bare their souls through dance at the Pia Bouman School’s Scotiabank Theatre, and I’m so glad …

17 November 2017

7 Fingers’ triptyque

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The best word I can think of to describe The 7 Fingers’ new show triptyque is magical. I know, I know, cheesy. But when a show can really make me feel, bring …

15 November 2017

Janak Khendry’s Life Eternal

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Janak Khendry Dance Company’s presentation of Life Eternal is the crowning jewel of a tight-knit community. The performance is steeped in the history and religious traditions of India, and …

28 October 2017

Andrea Nann’s Dual Light

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Dual Light is another success for choreographer and artistic director Andrea Nann. In such a wonderful time of exploratory art and experimentation with multi-media, I was honestly ready for a …

11 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part VII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE Icône Pop (A) The scene for Icône Pop is set as the audience walks into the blackbox theatre at The Theatre Centre with singer Mykalle …

26 June 2017

Cavalia’s Odysseo

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Cavalia’s performance of Odysseo has returned and hardly needs an introduction. The show teases prospective audience members with the promise of galloping horses, flowing manes, impressive circus feats, and magic. …

04 May 2017

Radical System Art: Glory

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Glory, performed by Shay Kuebler’s company Radical System Art, hosted by DanceWorks at the Harbourfront Centre was a multi-media pleasure to take part in. The performance incorporated film in an …

17 November 2016

Theatre Parallax: KATA

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Theatre Parallax’s KATA, could be qualified as a modern dance version of a psychological thriller. The piece elicits strong feelings, though they are mostly of apprehension, revulsion, awe, and fear. In …

12 November 2016

7 Fingers: Cuisine & Confessions

By // Theatre (Toronto)

For those in the contemporary circus scene, The 7 Fingers company (or Les 7 Doigts de le Main) hardly needs introduction. This modern Montreal-based company never lets an audience down, …

20 May 2016

The Return of Riverdance

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I had heard that Riverdance was coming to the city on a 20th anniversary tour, and I jumped at the opportunity to see the show. Who wouldn’t! Riverdance is such …

24 January 2016

Peggy Baker’s Phase Space

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Acclaimed icon and synonym for Canadian modern dance, Peggy Baker, lights up the Betty Oliphant stage yet again with her newest work, Phase Space. The concept for the piece is …

16 December 2015

Cirque de la Symphonie: Holiday Hits at the TSO

By // Music

Facing the garlanded stage with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra warming up, looked down on by the Etobicoke School of the Arts Holiday Chorus, I can’t help but feel the buzz …

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