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Omen: The Musical (A)
This modern witchy musical about a post-climate change (aka post-apocalyptic) world is eerie and enchanting. All three protagonists are individual and well developed. The musical direction of the show is consistent and unique. The setting and concept of the show demonstrate a lot of thought and time dedicated in the creation, providing a final product that feels totally complete. Congratulations to all performers and production crew for an amazing show! A must-see.

Please Stand Clear (B)
Shown at the lovely small stage at the Theatre Passe Muraille, Please Stand Clear is a success. Though the pacing drags a little in the middle, the concept and arc of the plot is intriguing and deals with some dark material in a creative way. Overall this is a great show, and good addition to the festival.

Congratulations! (B)
This one-woman show is an interesting blend of comedy and honesty. Dark humour always gets a chuckle from a Fringe crowd, and Congratulations! is no exception. It’s an interesting and thought-provoking evening, looking at discussions of disability vs. identity, the fear of not being enough, and mental health struggles in a performance based career. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and would recommend the show to other festival-goers.

Elbow Room (C)
Elbow Room is a good show for a first-time playwright. It deals with the trials and drama lurking in casting call rooms, and touches on some interesting subjects. The play discusses film remakes, Me Too, job competition, and feeling confident in one’s own skin. I appreciated the situation, but felt the play lacked in making a statement in any of the themes raised. I enjoyed the option for a “relaxed” performance, a more accessible and unconventional theatre experience.