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06 July 2019

Toronto Fringe, 2019

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It’s Toronto Fringe Festival Time! See the list below to find reviews of everything our team saw this Fringe.

The Huns (A)
Emotional Labour (A)
Omen: The Musical (A)
The Ballad of Frank Allen (A)
Night Cows (A)
News Play (A-)
It Girls (A-)
The Weight of It All (A-)
Sweet Kisses, Tender Limbs (A-)
Philip & Lucinda Dino-Show (A-)
Death Ray Cabaret (A-)
Clotheswap (A-)
The December Man (B+)
Through the Bamboo (B+)
It’s Getting Hot in Here (B+)
I, Malvolio (B+)
Didn’t Hurt (B+)
Destiny, USA (B+)
ADHD Project (B+)
Mayhem at the Miskatonic: A Burlesque Mystery Game (B+)
Three Men on a Bike (B+)
Til Death: The Six Wives of Henry VIII (B)
Fuckboys the Musical (B)
Please Stand Clear (B)
Checkpoint 300 (B)
Be Kind Rewind (B)
The Astrology Play (B)
Congratulations! (B)
Dandelion (B)
Boys Don’t Cry (B)
Table 7 – A Play in Cafes Creation (B-)
Audience of One (B-)
Off the Island (B-)
Young and the Limbless (B-)
Lights! Camera! Odd Jobs? (B-)
Carpe Into My DM’s (B-)
Moving On (B-)
Peaches on a Cherry Tree (B-)
Sketchy Adventures in the Enchanted Forest (B-)
Box (C+)
Drama 101: A New Musical (C+)
Dinner With Goebbels (C)
Elbow Room (C)
Scadding (C)
Plum Crazy (D)

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