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12 October 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 3: Love Bird Disease

By // TV

Welcome back to Bachelor in Paradise – I mean, Survivor season 35! Hormones and virgins and just a little bit of strategy abound as we cap off the final week …

06 October 2017

Survivor 35, Ep 2: Like Old Paint, Cracked & Fractured

By // TV

Well, Survivor, I’m disappointed but I can’t say I’m surprised. But before we get into this week’s elimination, let’s recap all the goings-on with our heroes, healers, and hustlers. The …

29 September 2017

Survivor 35: Episode One

By // TV

Welcome all to a brand new season of Survivor, where this year’s theme is as forced as Ryan’s witty self-deprecation! I am your humble recapper for season 35: Heroes vs. …

11 August 2017

She Wore the Black Hat: Jerri Manthey & the Legacy of Female Villainy in Reality TV

By // TV

“In the game of Survivor, you’ve gotta switch hats a lot. You gotta wear a white hat part of the time and sometimes you gotta put on the black hat. …

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