27 February 2017

Nominee Interview Series: Neil McPherson

By // Theatre (London)

Before we announce the winners of the 2016 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Nominated for Best Original Work in this year’s London My Theatre Awards, Neil …

04 December 2016

Buried Child at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

Rural Illinois in 1979. A flagging old man wastes away on a couch watching sports on his tiny TV and sneaking swigs of whiskey when alone. This is Dodge (Ed …

18 November 2016

It is Easy to Be Dead at the Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

Recounting the short but significant life of Charles Hamilton Sorley, a Scottish poet of World War One, It is Easy to Be Dead is a sombre take on the brutality …

16 September 2016

Vanities: The Musical at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

With such a small cast and situated within the intimate Trafalgar Studios, Vanities: The Musical relies strongly on its trio of female leads. Lauren Samuels, Ashleigh Gray and Lizzy Connolly …

31 July 2016

Rotterdam at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

From the moment the audience walks into Trafalgar Studios, they know it will be a fun evening. A girl in funky clothing is dancing around the room to pop music …

31 May 2016

This Is Living at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

Not without both touching and humorous moments and boasting a wonderfully talented pair of actors, This Is Living is a largely flawed piece that relies too heavily on a thin …

29 February 2016

Firebird at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

I liken this play to violent videos available on the internet: they are tempting to watch, may be objects of temporary immersion, yet they are ultimately unedifying. They instill little …

29 January 2016

The Picture of Dorian Gray at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

Oscar Wilde’s beloved novel has been adapted into a play and is currently showing at Trafalgar Studios; it is not an event to be missed for all the Wilde enthusiasts …

16 December 2015

The Wasp at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s latest drama does not need its constant extremes—its actors are accomplished enough that they could make any scenario something exceptional. Myanna Burling and Laura Donnelly deliver realistic …

20 November 2015

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

Did this play deserve its Olivier Award nomination last year? Absolutely. Its development of character, slow revelation of plot and bitingly black humour make James Fritz’s work a triumph of …

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