01 November 2014

Mad Bum: The Giant’s Legacy

By // Sports

The World Series came and went. It was a championship game that pitted a dynasty against an underdog. The Giants vs. the Royals. The World Series was a matchup of …

05 September 2014

Jeter’s Farewell Tour

By // Sports

Helicopter rides through the scenic Rocky Mountains, mixology and cooking lessons as well as a 3 day stay in the notable Banff Springs Hotel was only part of the gift …

07 September 2012

SportsSuperstar of the Week: Chris Kluwe

By // Sports

My Facebook Newsfeed has been blowing up with this link over the past few hours. Everyone from my high school English teacher to twentysomething politicos to sheltered theatre geeks are …

07 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Andy Murray

By // Sports

Few people get a second chance to win a major championship on home turf, but Andy Murray got a second chance in the same year. After losing to Roger Federer …

03 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Gabby Douglas

By // Sports

Today’s Olympian Of The Day is without a question Gabby Douglas of the United States. Many events in the Olympics are won or lost in a single event, but in …

01 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Hamadou Djibo Issaka

By // Sports

Since we’re starting this feature a little late, I am going to pick one person to highlight from the first four days of competition in London, then go from there. …

18 February 2012

Sports Superstar of the Week- Jeremy Lin

By // Sports

If you haven’t heard of the Knicks’ new superstar by now you clearly haven’t been paying much attention. The 23-year-old undrafted Harvard grad (3.1 GPA in Economics, by the way) …

19 December 2011

Sports Superstar: Tebow Edition

By // Sports

There was a lot of talk when Tim Tebow entered the NFL about him not being ready for the big leagues, being more about the intangibles (great faith, strong spirit, …

26 November 2011

Sports Superstar of the Week: Sidney Crosby

By // Sports

The 24-year-old gold-medal-clinching hockey superstar, who was sidelined for more than 10 months after a devastating concussion last January, returned to the game on Monday. The CBC pre-empted their regular …

28 September 2011

Sports Superstars of the Week- Wildcard Edition

By // Sports

It’s been quite a fight and it all comes down to tonight- the final game of the regular season. Rays vs. Yankees, Sox vs. Orioles to break the tie for …

10 August 2011

21: the age of this week’s Sports Superstar

By // Sports

It’s about time the Jays got themselves a Canadian and BC boy/ potential all star 3rd baseman Brett Lawrie will fit the bill more than perfectly. Now playing his 5th …

24 July 2011

Sports Superstar of the Week- Roberto Alomar

By // Sports

Tomorrow he’ll be an official Hall of Famer so we’re celebrating by naming the former Blue Jays second baseman our Superstar of the Week, even though he’s been retired for …

18 July 2011

Sports Superstar of the Week- Derek Jeter

By // Sports

It may be the obvious choice, but there is only one right choice for  Sports Superstar of last week, Derek Jeter. Now, as a Red Sox fan the idea of naming …

09 July 2011

Superstars of the Week- The Wimbledon Winners

By // Sports

Petra Kvitova (Ladies Singles Champion) and Novak Djokovic (Mens Singles Champion) defeated superstars Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal to win tennis’ top prizes at Wimbledon this year. The other winners were: …

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