01 December 2017

Manwatching Gavin Crawford

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Manwatching is a one-man show written by a woman. That’s all I know about the author going in to see the show, because she remains anonymous. And each night a …

13 October 2017

Victory Condition at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

Chloe Lamford’s set presents a box in the Jerwood Downstairs surrounded by scaffolding, which contains the kind of modern, expensive, prefab apartment you see in every part of Central London. …

18 June 2017

Two Shows from The Site

By // Theatre (London)

The Royal Court’s associate designer, Chloe Lamford, got five writers ‘exploring performance through language, physicality and the power of the imagination’. They wrote a piece each. I caught two of …

10 May 2017

The Ferryman at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

It was an Event. Jez Butterworth is The Playwright. An Architect. Racy and gnomic. Not a priori great—David Hare was The Playwright and he’s made no great work since Skylight. …

27 April 2017

The 2016 MyTheatre Award Winners: London

By // Theatre (London)

Okay, time for another round. For some reason I forgot why I chose Best Actor/Best Actress categories—was there a special reason for that? They seem like a 1950’s vestige. Who …

01 April 2017

The Kid Stays in the Picture at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

‘Why?’ is what you leave with. It’s what you come in with, too, but you have an answer to that. ‘It’s Simon McBurney. It’s Complicite. It’s about a plainly interesting …

27 September 2016

Father Comes Home from the Wars at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

It’s a grind to attend three hours of theatre. But grinds aren’t always bad. Sometimes, the alienation that accompanies “why I am watching this?” can induce some valuable critical distance. …

24 September 2016

Torn at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

A lot of Royal Court’s Upstairs programming is too dry for its own good. Not this. Nathaniel Martello-White’s Torn wears complexity on its sleeve. Angel arranges a circle of seats …

07 April 2016

X at the Royal Court Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

A research base orbits Pluto. There has been no communication with Earth for three months, far longer than normal. A crew member is hallucinating and time is not as linear …

16 March 2016

I See You at the Royal Court Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

It is always stimulating to see drama from an area that British theatre usually does not touch. Post-apartheid South Africa is perfect center for such drama, investigating the tension between …

16 September 2015

Lela & Co at the Royal Court Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

It is best to see Lela & Co without knowledge of it beforehand—if you want to see worthwhile theatre then stop reading this and go see it, essentially. The reason …

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