24 April 2018

Angels in America Back on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

Transferring after an exceptionally well-received run at the National Theatre in London, Tony Kushner’s epic drama exploring the intersection of AIDS, politics, religion, faith and social commentary in New York …

18 September 2016

Cats on Broadway: A Return to the Jellicle Ball

By // Theatre (New York)

My parents say I was awestruck. I was young – seven years old, and it was my first musical. Cats. A flurry of feline acrobats spinning across the stage in …

22 June 2016

Exclusive Interview: Landi Oshinowo

By // Theatre (London)

Gretchen Creyer and Nancy Ford’s I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road was a hit show both Off-Broadway and on the West End and, after 35 …

30 March 2016

The 2015 MyTheatre Award Winners: New York

By // Theatre (New York)

Spring is a busy time for professional theatre in New York City with many productions launching just before the Tony Award nomination deadline; however, it is important to take a …

23 January 2016

Guys and Dolls at the Savoy Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

One of the latest revivals to hit the West End, Guys and Dolls is a classic piece of light-hearted entertainment, a thoroughly enjoyable romp which is sure to cure those …

22 January 2016

SpeakEasy Treks Across America in Violet

By // Theatre (Boston)

A revived musical has just pulled into town. SpeakEasy Stage Company has brought back the musical Violet, directed by Paul Daigneault, musical direction by Matthew Stern, to the Stanford Calderwood …

09 November 2015

Dames at Sea: Old-Worldly, For Better or Worse

By // Theatre (New York)

Early in the first act of the musical Dames at Sea, cast members scurry around the stage as they practice for a dress rehearsal of “Dames at Sea”, which is …

16 October 2015

The Gin Game: A Losing Hand

By // Theatre (New York)

While perhaps counterintuitive, staging a once-successful revival does not guarantee present-day success at the box office nor an audience enamored with the subject matter presented. The cold, harsh truth is …

14 October 2015

The Old Times: Difficult Drama

By // Theatre (New York)

“What the hell just happened?” My first words when the curtain closed are indicative of where this piece is headed, so take a deep breath with me. Roundabout Theatre Company’s …

28 September 2015

It’s Spring Again on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

As I toiled at my college dorm desk in December of 2006, cursing my political science methodology thesis, my classmates were breaking dorm policy by blaring music during quiet hours. …

02 August 2015

Boys’ Life

By // Theatre (New York)

What is gained by reviving this play? That is the first question that crosses my mind each time that I attend a revival. In some cases, a show is simply …

04 May 2014

Broadway Scene: From Cabaret to Hedwig

By // Theatre (New York)

During our hiatus, Broadway shows were opening nearly every other day to get their openings in before the Tony Award nomination qualification deadline.  Needless to say, it has been a …

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