12 May 2015

The End of Revenge

By // TV

Well, Revenge finished up its four-season long run this week, and the finale, like the rest of the show, was…mediocre. I hate to sound like every other person on the …

15 May 2014

Season Wrap Up: Revenge

By // TV

If you’re a fan of Revenge, you probably already knew that the show was renewed for a forth season late last week. You also know that the finale aired last …

17 December 2013

Mid-Season Finale: Revenge

By // TV

Recently, my roommates and I were discussing our Sunday night television shows. We all felt the need to clarify that they were guilty pleasures, but were also really good. But …

20 August 2012

DVD Giveaway: Revenge

By // TV

It’s that awesome time of year again, people. That time when all of last season’s best TV shows are finally showing up on DVD and Blu-Ray for you to watch …

16 February 2012

Death on Revenge

By // TV

Last night’s highly anticipated episode of Revenge was the fulfillment of promises that were made in the very first few seconds of the series. The Fire & Ice Ball in …

12 January 2012

Pilot Watch: Work It (and an ABC scolding)

By // TV

I thought I’d give ABC’s latest “plight of the modern man” sitcom at least 2 episodes before I passed judgement. All signs pointed immediately to the pits of despair, but …

30 October 2011

Where the Hell is Blair Waldorf?

By // TV

I have stuck with Gossip Girl long past what most people seemed to consider its expiration date. I do this in large part because it’s addictive and filled with really …

04 October 2011

Pilot Watch: Revenge

By // TV

Do you remember Amy Abbott? I do. She was sweet and funny, good natured and forgiving. Do you remember Rebeca Harper? I do. She was smart and self-assured, easy going …

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