16 August 2017

Apartment 301: Sharp Characters – Blunt Ending

By // Theatre (New York)

I’m a big fan of Antony Raymond whom I consider one of the city’s rising star playwrights. He creates rich unique characters with clear voices. As tensions and emotions inevitably …

09 June 2016

A National Moment: Côté’s Petit Prince

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Somewhere at the intersection of a contemporary art piece and a classical narrative ballet lives the National Ballet of Canada’s new production, the world premiere of the first full-length work …

11 March 2016

On Stage in TO: Death & Descent

By // Theatre (Toronto)

You Will Remember Me (Tarragon Theatre/Studio 180 Theatre) The Toronto premiere of François Archambault’s play (translated by Bobby Theodore) about a man with encroaching memory loss …

07 August 2015

The Mermaid Collective DIVEs (but not too deep)

By // Theatre (Toronto)

After finding my way through the thick black curtain that marked the entrance to the Array Space theatre, I found myself in a beautiful, intimate world. A long dining table …

27 March 2015

My Theatre Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Sergio di Zio

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2014 My Theatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Flashpoint star Sergio di Zio made a massive splash on stage in …

24 March 2015

A Woman is Not a Secret

By // Theatre (Toronto)

John Patrick Shanley’s A Woman is A Secret opened at the Theatre Centre last Friday to an enthusiastic audience. Though what brought audiences to their feet at the end of …

28 November 2014

Kid for a Day: YPT & The Panto

By // Theatre

I woke up on November 27th 2014 at the age of 25. Now, as I sit drinking a Stella at a jazz bar in Kensington Market (Shafton Thomas Group, Thursday …

04 November 2014

Dear Elizabeth – A Lyrical Success

By // Theatre (Boston)

There’s something special about seeing a local premiere. Whether the show has previously played out of town or not, seeing it for the first time here in Boston always feels …

27 October 2014

Sting’s The Last Ship Opens On Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

After years of development and some very high-profile public try-outs (including a Prime Time showcase on the Tony Awards and a PBS special in February), Sting’s new musical The Last …

14 September 2014

Pilot Watch: Utopia

By // TV

Utopia is easily the most anticipated new reality series of the fall season. As a multi-day series, Fox was gambling on this non-competition based show and they gave it three …

29 August 2014

Doctor Who: Deep Breath

By // TV

The premiere of Doctor Who’s eighth season was aptly named ‘Deep Breath’, because you will have to take multiple in order to calm down and not be annoyed at the …

07 June 2014

Guerilla Opera Is One Brave Rooster

By // Theatre (Boston)

Upon arriving at the Zack Box Theatre at The Boston Conservatory, we were told that the house would not be opening until about 5 minutes prior to the performance time. …

18 February 2014

Tribes at Canadian Stage

By // Theatre (Toronto)

There are two sides to assessing pretty much any contemporary theatre piece- there’s the play, and there’s this production of it. With the current Canadian Stage production of Nina Raine’s …

26 January 2014

Pilot Watch: Black Sails

By // TV

Starz has had a problem of late, where they announce shows that sound absolutely amazing, but when they actually premiere, they fall miserably flat. It happened last fall with The …

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