06 July 2014

Dream Emmy Ballot-Drama

By // TV

Emmy Nominations are a week away, look for my predictions soon. Netflix has two series nominations in this grouping, but Orange is the New Black will be in comedy categories, …

05 July 2014

Beating the Sophomore Slump: NFL Edition

By // Sports

You’ve got to love the mystique behind the infamous sophomore slump. The beauty of it is that it can happen to anyone. Surely all of us can name, without even …

05 July 2014

Going Home: British GP Preview

By // Sports

The British Grand Prix, no matter the season, has long been one of the crown jewels of the Formula One calendar. Silverstone Circuit has seen countless races unfold on its …

28 June 2014

Dream Emmy Ballot- Comedy

By // TV

The Emmy Nominations are going to be announced on July 10th, but that doesn’t mean they will get things right. If I had my choice, these would be my dream …

16 June 2014

World Cup 2014: Teams To Top Their Group

By // Sports

This has easily been the most exciting World Cup I have seen in my lifetime, and that seems to be the general consensus among many people, young and old. Between …

14 June 2014

Jason Spezza: Where Will He Land?

By // Sports

It seems that the era of athletes playing out their entire careers with a single franchise is nothing more than a distant memory. The Steve Yzerman’s and Mario Lemieux’s of …

01 May 2014

The 68th Annual Tony Awards: The Nominees Are…

By // Theatre (New York)

Oh the drama. It is Tony Award season once again, and before they even finished announcing the nominations, my Twitter feed had blown up with celebratory and incendiary commentary. The …

22 March 2013

NBA Contenders 2013

By // Sports

The NBA season is winding to a close but the playoff picture is incomplete. With many significant teams still jockeying for position, the squads best poised to play through June …

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