03 July 2018

Parks & Rec Diary, Season 4: Campaigning

By // TV

I’ll come right out and say it: season four of Parks and Rec is my favorite season. Mostly, this is from being a political-campaign-lover, and Leslie Knope’s city council campaign …

31 December 2014

Saiya’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX) After binge-watching this comedy series over the summer, I eagerly awaited the second season. It did not disappoint. The characters are zany without being obnoxious. The …

21 December 2014

About Alex & The Great Undervaluation of TV Artists

By // Cinema

A cast of some of TV’s most wonderful people populates About Alex, the debut feature from Parenthood writer Jesse Zwick. A dramedy about college friends reunited by tragic, awkward circumstances, …

15 April 2014

Parks & Recreation: Flu Season 2

By // TV

Leslie’s pregnant! Congratulations Ben and Leslie! This is so exciting. Great, that’s out of the way. Parks and Rec has been going back to some classics this season and they’ve …

05 April 2014

Parks & Recreation: Prom

By // TV

Why am I always so surprised when Parks and Rec is utterly perfect? This episode was simply hilarious. It’s prom time in Pawnee and one girl’s soul hangs in the …

22 March 2014

Parks & Recreation: Galentine’s Day

By // TV

I just lost a little bit of respect for Leslie Knope. Riggins beats Saracen every time. Seriously. What is she thinking? This episode of Parks and Rec, “Galentine’s Day” was …

08 March 2014

Parks & Recreation: The Wall

By // TV

Ron has a son! And not even he can keep from baby talking to him. He can, though, impart some of his Swanson wisdom. Frustrated with government life and people …

02 March 2014

Parks & Rec: Anniversaries

By // TV

Parks and Rec is back! And love is in the air, at least for Ben and Larry. When will Ben ever learn he can’t out gift Leslie? It was a …

05 February 2014

Parks & Rec: Ann and Chris

By // TV

This week said a tearful goodbye to Ann and Chris on Parks and Recreation. While this wasn’t the funniest episode, it was definitely an emotional one as everyone struggled to …

02 February 2014

All The Goodbyes

By // TV

When an actor leaves a long-running TV series before its natural conclusion, it’s generally not a good thing. Sure, there are some series so long-lived that turnover is not only …

25 January 2014

Parks & Rec: Farmer’s Market

By // TV

This episode of Parks and Rec had its funny moments, especially with Ron and Craig. However, I am pretty ready for Ann and Chris to leave. Their storylines have been …

22 January 2014

Parks & Rec: New Beginnings

By // TV

This week’s Parks and Rec was one of transitions. With people moving forward, and some moving back, the characters have to decide what to do and where they belong. There …

01 February 2013

Faces of the Young and Stupid

By // TV

I’ve written previously about my connection with the Girls’ character Hannah. It is not a connection I made  up – I have literally received phone calls and texts from many …

19 November 2012

Comedy Block Face Off

By // TV

TV comedy is in a major phase right now. A shocking amount of the primetime network schedule is made up of sitcoms, while a fair number of hourlong comedies and …

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