05 June 2018

Parks & Rec Diary, S3: Fear of Being Ben Wyatt

By // TV

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something otherworldly about this Parks and Rec. With each new season I watch, the cast seems to get stronger, the writing seems to get …

03 June 2018

Parks & Rec Diary, S2: Strong Feelings for Everyone

By // TV

Let’s start with the big stuff – season two of Parks and Rec is ridiculously large. 24 episodes make up this season. More than a few of the best episodes …

29 May 2018

Parks & Rec Diary, S1: The Sound of My Own Laughter

By // TV

I have a hard time watching comedies by myself. I’m uncertain as to where this comes from. I’m not one to shy from a terrible pun, a laugh, even a …

16 March 2014

Parks & Recreation: New Slogan

By // TV

A lot of characters were facing some big changes this week on Parks and Rec. Most of them were good changes, even if it did take a while for some …

16 January 2014

Parks & Rec Turns 100

By // TV

Last Week marked the 100th episode of Parks and Recreation and Amy Poehler was finally recognized for her work as Leslie Knope at the Golden Globes Sunday night. Parks and …

12 December 2012

Leslie Knope, Inspiration

By // TV

I was having a tough day at work today. Like one of those “I wish I hadn’t worn eyeliner because my discrete bathroom crying is going to be WAY more …

18 February 2012

Parks & Rec Catches My Dreams

By // TV

Andy’s rousing campaign ditty has been stuck in my head since I watched Thursday’s truly phenomenal episode of Parks & Recreation, and probably will continue to be stuck there for …

17 February 2012

Valentine’s Day on TV: Exhibits E-K

By // TV

Rachael’s already talked about the phenomenal Valentine’s Day episodes from New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Up All Night and (my personal favourite) The Middle. But the schmoopiest holiday …

18 November 2011

The Best Show on TV

By // TV

People ask me all the time, if they only have time to watch one show, what’s the best one? For 2 years now I’ve had the same answer- Parks and …

27 October 2011

A Love Letter to Parks and Rec

By // TV

Dear Parks and Recreation, It was rocky at first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about you back in the days of Paul Schneider and the pit. But in our …

23 September 2011

I Just Really Love Leslie Knope

By // TV

The return of Parks and Rec was probably my favorite premiere of the season. Not because it was so ground breaking; I don’t even think it was that astounding of …

25 March 2011

NBC Thursday’s Best Jokes This Week

By // TV

“I’m not jealous”- Troy is jealous of Jeff’s dinner with his best friend Abed. (Community) Shirley as Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. (Community) “I want you take this money …

23 March 2011

Obsessions of Right Now

By // TV

Josh Zuckerman on 90210 Naomi, hilariously, may not have been able to reconcile having a crush on sweet science nerd Max right away, but I’ve loved the actor who plays …

04 March 2011

Leslie Knope: My Hero

By // TV

I am a very late comer to Parks and Recreation. And I came to it for a very embarassing and unfeminist reason: a boy. Namely, Adam Scott since I needed …

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