24 December 2012

Anthony Rapp’s Without You

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I read the original version of Without You when it was first released in 2006. It was a lovely book, full of emotional memories and revealing frankness nestled among the …

22 December 2012

Miss Congeniality, er, Caledonia

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I’d heard so many great things about Melody A. Johnson’s one-woman show Miss Caledonia that my expectations were sky-high. There’s something just so incredibly charming about a woman who grows …

01 December 2012

We Recommend: The SantaLand Diaries

By // Theatre

The stage adaptation of David Sedaris’ first person account of elf life at Macy’s is as smartly sarcastic and belly-shakingly funny as you’d expect from the famous essayist, but what …

11 September 2012

In Stratford: Hirsch

By // Theatre

Hirsch is the studio production thrown into the Stratford 2012 season at the last minute. It doesn’t really belong in a tangible way, but it’s about an eccentric former Artistic …

07 July 2012

TO Fringe ’12: Round One

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival Has Finally Begun! Actually, it began last Wednesday, but I just saw my first show so I say it has only now officially begun (remember …

06 March 2012

My Theatre Nominees- Q&A with Michael Hughes

By // Theatre

Before we announce the winners of the 2011 My Theatre Awards, we’re proud to present the My Theatre Nominee Interview Series. Michael Hughes was one of the breakout performers of …

13 February 2012

Jim Brochu’s Zero Hour

By // Theatre

The one-man show is a tricky form that seems to always work best in Fringe Festivals-where plans are spontaneous and ticket prices are low- because it’s a tricky thing to …

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