30 September 2015

Must-See: 6 Years

By // Cinema

The Duplass Brothers and their unparalleled taste as producers have facilitated yet another extraordinary cinematic moment by partnering with an up-and-coming writer/director in the form of Hannah Fidell. According to …

07 August 2015

Shaw Must-See: The Divine

By // Theatre

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was the last production I saw this year at the Shaw Festival (I’m reviewing out of order because this simply couldn’t wait). Before …

27 June 2015

Must See: Love & Mercy

By // Cinema

When the epilogue ended and the house lights came up in the movie theatre where I saw Love & Mercy, no one moved. The real Brian Wilson was on screen …

30 January 2015

Boston Must See: February 2015

By // Theatre (Boston)

Here are four productions going up this month that particularly caught my attention. Three of the four are period pieces (two take place in 1912), and all of them, in …

13 October 2014

Boston Must See: October 2014

By // Theatre (Boston)

We had an incredibly difficult time picking our Boston Must See: October 2014, and for good reason. We always want the problem of too many outstanding theatre productions to feature, …

29 August 2014

Boston Must See: September 2014

By // Theatre (Boston)

We’re back in full swing in Boston with many of the most popular theatre companies in town presenting their first production of the 2014-2015 Season.  Here at My Theatre (Boston), …

03 August 2014

Boston Must See: August 2014

By // Theatre (Boston)

August is a slow month for theatre in Boston; many thespians decide to escape on a last-minute vacation before the fall season begins, and many theatre companies busily try to …

03 July 2014

Boston Must See: July 2014

By // Theatre (Boston)

Many patrons lament that Boston lacks theatre in the summer months; earlier this season, we would have agreed. But as we constructed our July Must See, we found a plethora …

31 May 2014

Brian’s Must See: June 2014

By // Theatre (Boston)

This month’s selections can only be described as tackling the smart and difficult topics left untouched by most of society. Too often, it is easier to ignore our problems and …

03 May 2014

Brian’s Must-See: May

By // Theatre (Boston)

I am in awe over the amount of diverse, interesting, and, dare I say, exceptional theatre in Boston for the lusty month of May. We have finally put away our …

29 March 2014

Brian’s Must-See: April

By // Theatre (Boston)

I tried in vain to find a common theme for these April “Must See” productions. We have fantastical elements and commentaries on sexual politics; epic plays and comedic classics; fringe …

25 March 2014

NYC Must See – Hand to God

By // Theatre (New York)

If there is something both inherently funny and inherently creepy about puppets, then Tyrone McHansley is the god of all puppets. Or is he the devil? One thing is certain, …

13 March 2014

Brian’s Must-See: March

By // Theatre (Boston)

Like Spring, I’m late. However, March is jam-packed with exciting theatre that I just couldn’t pick my “Must See” picks for the month. This month, we have Chekhov’s The Seagull, …

07 December 2013

Brian’s “Must See” Boston Theatre – DECEMBER

By // Theatre (Boston)

So, I missed November. We had some amazing works hit our Boston and Greater Boston stages. I apologize for missing so many of them, and I heard wonderful things, especially …

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