31 December 2018

On Tour: Champions of Magic

By // Theatre (Toronto)

At first glance, magicians would seem to have it rough in the twenty-first century. No matter how much practice and skill goes into mastering a seemingly inexplicable trick, one whose …

17 August 2018

SummerWorks ’18: Part IV

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of SummerWorks Reviews … And You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next (A) The sneaky dissonance of this latest storytelling show from Pressgang …

18 December 2017

Mirvish’s Idols & Illusions

By // Theatre (Toronto)

To supplement their mainstage season of big American tours, Toronto’s one real commercial theatre presenter Mirvish Productions has been bringing in slightly smaller shows produced by Canadian companies to occupy …

22 December 2016

Soulpepper’s Family Festival

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Toronto’s (Canada’s?) most ambitious professional theatre company is undoubtedly Soulpepper. The artist-led organization has never been shy about making their mark on the city but lately they’re expanding at a …

26 January 2016

Pilot Watch: The Magicians

By // TV

The most annoying thing about the new Showcase/Syfy show adapted from Lev Grossman’s 2009 novel The Magicians is honestly just that it’s called “The Magicians” (and the promotional image to …

28 December 2015

Soulpepper’s Family Festival: Tricks

By // Theatre (Toronto)

It’s unfortunate that so few magicians receive the funding or programming support to perform regularly in Toronto. Rather than a rich landscape of illusionists within which, like in any performance …

28 January 2015

“Miracles” & “Magic”

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Jesus Christ Superstar (Hart House) Jesus Christ Superstar is a really gutsy musical. It’s about a human being named Jesus and his friend Judas who embark on a mission to …

06 December 2013

Nothing to Hide: Pure Magic

By // Theatre (New York)

As the director of the new show “Nothing to Hide” at The Pershing Square Signature Theatre astutely points out in his Playbill note to the audience, there are two types …

25 June 2013

At Luminato: Chamber Magic

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The reason I chose Chamber Magic as one of the few Luminato shows to review this year was that it promised to be simply enjoyable in a way that most …

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