01 August 2016

SDCC ’16: Inside the Colony Press Room

By // TV

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2016. USA Network’s sci-fi drama Colony is one season into its run and already stands out as one of …

21 December 2014

About Alex & The Great Undervaluation of TV Artists

By // Cinema

A cast of some of TV’s most wonderful people populates About Alex, the debut feature from Parenthood writer Jesse Zwick. A dramedy about college friends reunited by tragic, awkward circumstances, …

14 December 2011

Once Upon a Time, there was a mildly interesting Sheriff…

By // TV

… he did not live Happily Ever After.

*This entire article is spoilers. Be forewarned if you haven’t yet seen Once Upon a Time, Buffy, Angel, Lost, The Sopranos or MASH*

05 March 2011


By // TV

It’s time for the 2010 My TV Honorary Award. This distinction, announced separately from the rest of the winners, is awarded each year to celebrate standout achievement in any given …

10 January 2011

The Case of the Character-Based Procedural

By // TV

There’s a stigma to any show that can be called “procedural”. The TV landscape has become so saturated with CSIs and Law & Orders and versions of NCIS that it …

26 May 2010

Where I Stand

By // TV

I realize I have fallen behind on the many many things happening in the TV world right now. It’s finale time, which means it’s My TV Season Wrap-Up time so …


23 May 2010

Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Excited About Tonight’s Lost Series Finale

By // TV

3) Death. We’ve been promised blood and I have no doubt we’ll get plenty tonight. Lost has never been afraid of killing off people audiences care about and breaking our …

05 May 2010


By // TV

I just watched last night’s Lost, the episode entitled “The Candidate” and I know I want to write about it. But I can’t for the life of me think what …


06 April 2010

The Official Lost Podcast Drops Some Knowledge

By // TV

In the always-entertaining Official Lost Podcast (available on iTunes) last week, the super awesome Lost showrunners Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse were up to their usual antics, sarcastically avoiding fan …


03 March 2010

When the Sun Goes Down, the Smoke Comes Out

By // TV

Because of all the fanatics and theorists out there, it’s hard to do justice to a review of Lost. Sadly, there aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on …


02 February 2010

Top 20 Lost Deaths

By // TV

LOST ‘s Most Painful Deaths 20/ Nikki and Paulo- They may have been throw away characters who added just about nothing to the show, but this pair had one stand …


30 January 2010

Top 5 Lost Seasons

By // TV

In anticipation of Tuesday’s Lost premiere, here is a list of the top 5 seasons and some things to hate/love about them. Countdown to the Best Seasons of Lost 5/ …


04 January 2010

Top 20 Lost Shockers

By // TV

 Six years ago, I fell in love with a show. Before it even aired I found myself anticipating the premiere. The premise sounded fantastic, the mystery seemed intriguing, and the …


17 May 2009

Season Wrap Up: Lost

By // TV

*CAUTION, SPOILERS AHEAD* Going into this week’s fifth season finale, the producers of Lostpromised the audience a death that would shake us to the core the way the loss of …

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