3) Death. We’ve been promised blood and I have no doubt we’ll get plenty tonight. Lost has never been afraid of killing off people audiences care about and breaking our hearts along the way. Some of the most poignant moments of TV in the past 6 years have been accompanied by Lost‘s signature “dum da dum da di da dum di dum” death sadness song. Here’s hoping for even more redemption and tragedy-laden demises tonight.

2) Trust in Darlton. Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse may have pissed off some viewers along the way (hey, I didn’t mind Nicki and Paolo that much) but I think they’ve proven themselves trustworthy showrunners in whose hands I’m happy to trust the fate of these beloved characters.


1) Answers! Tonight it will all make sense. 6 years of mind-bending, head-turning, speech-robbing mythology will finally be explained (or, at least some of it will be) and we’ll finally understand what it’s all been about all these years.