21 July 2017

SDCC ’17: Comic Con-templations, Day One

By // TV

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Size matters (during scheduling) So, this probably goes without saying, but Comic Con is big. Fucking big. …

21 July 2017

SDCC ’17 Panel: Who You Gonna Call?

By // Cinema

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con One of my earliest memories is Ghostbusters. To this day, I can’t tell you when I first …

21 July 2017

San Diego Comic-Con, 2017

By // TV

It’s Comic-Con Time Again! Managing Editor Kelly Bedard and Staff Writer Tom McGee are on the scene to bring you tons of coverage from the con floor, the panels, the …

30 April 2017

Leafs After Elimination: Rivalries & Rookies

By // Sports

Despite falling to the Washington Capitals in six games, the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans aren’t feeling the sting of elimination. A sensational season driven by a core of …

19 March 2017

Zelda‘s Problem with Women

By // Games

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Zelda: Breath of the Wild but its portrayal of women is really brutal. With few exceptions, women in Hyrule are presented as meek, giddy, fashion-obsessed idiots …

04 March 2017

The Die Is Cast: My First “GM’s Day” as a GM

By // Games

I was introduced to playing Dungeons & Dragons in the early 90s – specifically the second edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. As fate would have it, I wouldn’t participate …

12 February 2017

Critical Consensus & Company Theatre’s John

By // Theatre (Toronto)

This is not a review. The Company Theatre’s production of John– a dense, complex, hilarious personal epic by celebrated playwright Annie Baker- is extraordinary on a hundred different levels and …

05 December 2016

The Unbearable Whiteness of Blonde

By // Theatre

*spoiler alerts for those of you who haven’t seen the musical, but I haven’t even seen the movie* To start, I understand that Legally Blonde is a comedy. Much of …

25 October 2016

Luke Cage: And the Band Played On

By // TV

There’s a lot to love about this series. The way it deals with society’s criminalization of clothing, of black culture and black people. The heavy stylizing of Harlem and the …

13 October 2016

Luke Cage: a Man in a Hoodie

By // TV

Trayvon Martin’s death marks one of the most significant moments in the history of the hooded sweatshirt (henceforth referred to as a hoodie). The hoodie has been made to seem …

23 September 2016

Skinner Box Storytelling: September 17-23

By // Games

Click Here to read previous instalments of Skinner Box Storytelling.  Everything I’m playing right now is an MMO in some form or another. From the one great success of the …

12 August 2016

Skinner Box Storytelling: August 6-12

By // Games

A busy week and a major release means I’ve only got one game to talk about this time but it’s a big one: No Man’s Sky Every time I go …

03 August 2016

Looking Into Bright Lights

By // Theatre (Toronto)

This year’s Toronto Fringe Festival was lauded as one of the best in recent memory. There were dozens of good shows and more than a couple great ones. Favourites like …

17 April 2016

Scarlett, Strange & Schmidt: Asians in Hollywood

By // TV

It’s been a very uncomfortable week for me as an Asian-American media consumer. It started Tuesday, with the new Doctor Strange trailer, continued Thursday as stills of Scarlett Johansson in …

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