07 October 2020

Friar Lawrence: Friend/Priest/Confidant/Killer?

By // Theatre

Content warning: This piece contains mentions of emotional/psychological manipulation, trauma, and suicide…

27 May 2019

I Finished Infinite Jest

By // Books

It took me 18 months and three weeks. Nearly 19 months is a long time, a tough pill to swallow for a girl nominally understood to be “one of the …

18 May 2019

Grey’s Anatomy, The Privilege of Time, and the Death of Shondaland’s For the People

By // TV

I’ve been thinking a lot about Grey’s Anatomy lately. That show,…

28 March 2019

Temptation Island & the Upside of Reboot Culture

By // TV

Reboot culture as the go-to MO of our modern television landscape is, to say the very least, uninspiring. My head spins at the thought of the original ideas unexplored because …

04 July 2018

Why We Have a Wizard: Wicked in 2018

By // Theatre (Toronto)

15 years ago, Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman adapted for the stage a novel by Gregory Maguire that was itself an adaptation, or perhaps more accurately a revision, of The …

19 February 2018

The Padmaavat Controversy and What it Says About You

By // Cinema

In my lifetime, I don’t think I can remember a bigger Bollywood news story than Padmaavat. And that’s not just because I don’t care for the majority of the Indian …

13 November 2017

Dinner & a Show

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I can’t stay awake at the theatre if I don’t eat first but it’s sometimes hard to figure out where to go, especially if you’re not super familiar with the …

08 November 2017

No, I Can’t Draw

By // Books

Stop telling me I can draw. I’ve always been that person who insists that “anyone can sing” if they learn correctly. But, after my latest exercise in attempting to draw, …

15 October 2017

Star Trek Discovery, Ep Four: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”

By // TV

We’re starting to see how the show runs, now that the set-up is done and I’m pleased…

13 September 2017

The Second City Toronto’s Party People

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Party Today (Panic Tomorrow) is an apt name for The Second City Toronto’s silliest and least political mainstage show in a few cycles. There are moments when the bold political …

04 September 2017

Skinner Box Storytelling: Fists, Feet, Aliens, & Cylons

By // Games

Click Here to read previous instalments of Skinner Box Storytelling.  My new show is open so I’ve got a bit more time to play games. Here’s what I’ve dipped into this …

11 August 2017

SDCC ’17: Comic Con-templations, Day Two

By // TV

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con I was sitting in a slightly overpriced, but breezy coffee shop just west of the Convention Centre, …

25 July 2017

SDCC ’17 Panel: The Engine of New at DC

By // Books

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con This year, DC Comics is attempting one of the hardest games in comics: inventing new heroes. This …

22 July 2017

SDCC ’17 Panel: SyFy’s Great Debate

By // Cinema

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con First, a confession: I didn’t have much interest in this panel. One of the best/worst things about …

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