Before we announce the winners of the 2023 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series.   Augusta “Gus” Monet aka Coyote Ugly is nominated for Outstanding Performance (Supporting) for their memorable work in Doctor Faustus, an original two-person adaptation created & performed by Gus and their creative partner James Evans (who […]

Justin Miller’s beautiful drag clown Pearle Harbour lives simultaneously in the past and the future, a wise fool with a sharp wit and a big beautiful heart that’s too often broken.   In Distant Early Warning, her new dystopian solo show at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, she’s alone and in love, totally helpless and […]

  Alexander Franks

Tom Hearn’s monthly show Lipsynced is a wild and fun improv competition that successfully combines improv, lip sync and drag, balancing them all with a funny cast and some drag assassins who just put on a…………..killer performance. They hit the target on that one. Their lip syncs are really in sync. Ok that is my pun limit. […]

  Mary-Margaret Scrimger

Pearle Harbour’s Chautauqua- presented at Theatre Passe Muraille, written and performed by Justin Miller in his Critics’ Pick Award-winning role- is what’s been missing in theatre. With the political climate, we are starving for a noble leader and Pearle Harbour steps up to fill that role. The show is set in a mid-century wartime tent, similar to what […]

If you told me week one of this season that I would…

  Lita Brillman

This week on the prequel to Aquaria’s coronation episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10: Singing! Choreography! Making me watch Katya’s verse of All Stars 2’s final four challenge Read U Wrote U for the thousandth time because it is the greatest verse in Drag Race herstory and these challenges always make me think of […]

  Kelly Bedard

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre is getting in on Pride month with an Official Pride Toronto Community event this weekend, a two-day mini-festival of shows highlighting LGBTQ performers. Three shows on Friday will be followed up by four shows on Saturday and, as is often the case at Bad Dog, you can add shows to your […]

Who needs inner saboteur when Ru is the greatest saboteur of all, and she’s right there…