Tom Hearn’s monthly show Lipsynced is a wild and fun improv competition that successfully combines improv, lip sync and drag, balancing them all with a funny cast and some drag assassins who just put on a…………..killer performance. They hit the target on that one. Their lip syncs are really in sync. Ok that is my pun limit.

The rules of the competition are quite simple and straightforward. The music theme of the night is introduced (in the December 6th show it was Britney Spears and yes the queen’s music still stands strong), 2 improvisers then perform a scene based of a song title. A lip sync performance then commences with the same improvisers and then the audiences votes for who did the lip sync best. Drag assassins (who change each performance which is a fun way to keep the show fresh) have performances additions throughout the show that add variety. My particular night had Miss Steak who delivered a truly….well done performance (wink wink) and Gay Jesus #blessed.

This simple and streamlined structure keeps the show clear and concise while accomplishing the difficult goal of balancing three different performance types in one show. Tom Hearn creates a strong base and the piece can now afford to play with variations in the structure. The judges while entertaining can have their dynamic and relationship with the rest of the cast expand beyond one liners. There is room for the drag assassins to interject more and perhaps could play into the improv scenes.

The improvisers are funny and given the nature of the show, every performance will be wildly different. The variety remains fresh and the structure is clear for people to follow. Further development of this piece could benefit from now experimenting with the structure and seeing the different curve balls that can be thrown at the audience and artists.