04 March 2020

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre: Box 4901

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Inside Box 4901 are some very different missed connections. Novelist Brian Francis makes his debut as a playwright and performer with a look back at a time when it was …

24 December 2019

Put It In Your Calendar: Lipsynced

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Tom Hearn’s monthly show Lipsynced is a wild and fun improv competition that successfully combines improv, lip sync and drag, balancing them all with a funny cast and some drag assassins who …

14 November 2019

Dead Parents Society at Buddies

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Usually the premise for a comedy troupe is quaint, maybe a little quizzical. Dead Parents Society answers your first question right away and rejoices in how uncomfortable it makes you. …

17 May 2019

Bouchard’s Lilies at Buddies

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Michel Marc Bouchard’s classic play Lilies (Les Feluettes) was made into one of the most beautiful Canadian films in the 90s, and more recently an opera (2016, Opéra de Montréal) …

03 May 2019

Out is Back In

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In the play OUT, first produced at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival, writer-performer Greg Campbell takes us on a personal walk in 1977 Montreal, channelling his autobiography through Glen as …

09 May 2018

LULU V.7: a Horrifyingly Distant yet Related Past

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Without a doubt, I am a huge fan of non-linear work. I feel it’s more reflective of how our brain’s complex neural pathways actually work. Red Light District and Buddies’ …

31 March 2018

Bloom at Buddies

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Set in a dystopic future post-war landscape and based on T. S. Eliot’s Wasteland, Bloom is a story of an old war veteran, Gerontion (Peter Farbridge), a young boy who …

15 January 2018

Dave Deveau’s Funny Valentine at Buddies

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Originally written (and performed) by Dave Deveau, My Funny Valentine is a play based around the true story of a gay teen who was killed by his classmate in 2008. …

25 October 2017

Villains: An 80s Musical Cabaret

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In Small but Mighty Productions’ eighties-inspired musical cabaret, six criminal misfits with superhuman abilities are sent to Villains Boot Camp, a secret project that aims to reform criminals and make …

14 March 2017

Modern Times at Bad Times: Blood Weddings

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Blood Weddings is currently on stage at Buddies in Bad Times. Federico García Lorca’s play is a classic, and has a rightful place in theatre history, but is a difficult …

08 March 2017

Nominee Interview Series: Anna Chatterton

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2016 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Anna Chatterton is a different kind of triple threat: as a librettist, playwright, …

04 November 2016

Love You To Death: A Murder Mystery Cabaret

By // Theatre (Toronto)

This Small But Mighty Productions musical murder mystery opens with Derek and his 6 lovers – five women and one man – gathered together in his secluded suburban home. They …

27 October 2016

A Feminist Double Bill: Quiver & Mouthpiece

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Nightwood Theatre defines itself as a feminist theatre company whose mandate includes providing an ‘essential home for the creation of extraordinary theatre by women.’ These two pieces, currently on stage …

16 October 2016

On Stage in TO: Zombies & Kittens

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Dead End (Theatre Lab) This light-hearted one-act from playwright Jonny Sun and director Michael Orlando is the perfect Halloween-themed diversion in Toronto’s current sea of self-serious theatre. Sun traps bantering …

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