Tetris for me will always be the first game I can remember an adult playing. As a kid, one of my earliest friends’ mom loved Tetris; I was astounded that she had her own Gameboy, let alone that she was a monster at Tetris. While it’s a common sight now to see adults gaming, whether […]

  Jordan Morrissey

Tales from the Borderlands is a welcome return to form from the episodic player-influenced storyteller Telltale, providing a unique genre-twisting take on Gearbox’s Borderlands universe in a funny, enjoyable and thoroughly charming way. It is a fine example of what good writing can bring to a, by this point, already well-used format, surpassing many of […]

  Jordan Morrissey

*Minor spoilers ahead, but only for the first hour or so. Playing any Fallout game is an unusually strange and charming experience. Set in a future post-apocalyptic Boston, but in an alternative timeline in which the world never really got over the 1950s, there are few games with such vaulting ambitions as Fallout 4. But […]

  Emurii Rezendes

Natsume has just announced a new entry in the Harvest Moon series, “Seeds of Memories,” for Wii U, iOS, Android, and PC, set to show at E3 this month. Various sources report features like tool upgrades, a bobcat pet, 10 marriage candidates, and unlockable “seeds” that are obtained through forging friendships with the locals. For […]

  Joseph Woodward

Have you recently fallen into the vast world of the CCG known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft? Well, if you have become a victim of Blizzard’s amazing card game, you may also know that it had launched on both the computer and iPad, becoming one of the first games to launch cross-platform on both PC/Mac […]

  Leeman Kessler

Dear Nine year old Leeman, shut up, put down those Battle Beasts for five minutes and heed my tidings from the future.  No, I’m not here to give you stock tips nor do I possess a dog-eared sports almanac but I do have wonders to share.  You know that board game you inherited from your […]

  Leeman Kessler

I have a confession to make:  I killed Neil Gaiman.  Well, technically a robot killed Neil Gaiman with a giant laser but I still feel largely responsible.  The whole affair has me really shaken up.  I mean, it wasn’t just Colonel Gaiman; I lost Captain Pratchett, Lieutenant McMaster-Bujold, and my top Marksman, HP Lovecraft.  They […]

  David McClelland

It’s a muggy summer night in Kentucky. The darkened farmhouse on the hill recedes into the blackness, and while hurrying down the gravel path to the road below, the sounds of singing frogs and hooting owls are slowly drowned out by a bluegrass band playing on the porch of a nearby farm. I stop for a moment […]