Natsume has just announced a new entry in the Harvest Moon series, “Seeds of Memories,” for Wii U, iOS, Android, and PC, set to show at E3 this month. Various sources report features like tool upgrades, a bobcat pet, 10 marriage candidates, and unlockable “seeds” that are obtained through forging friendships with the locals. For now, the only statement from Natsume directly indicates that further information will be available at E3.

Seeds of Memories is the first Harvest Moon title to hit the PC stateside, and the first to hit the Wii U anywhere. It will also be Natsume’s second entry in the Harvest Moon series since it split from Japanese developer Marvelous, which develops the series in Japan under the name Bokujo Monogatari (“Ranch Story”). The Bokujo Monogatari brand continues in the West under the rebranded title “Story of Seasons,” and is now published by XSEED Games.

Natsume’s first independent Harvest Moon title, The Lost Valley, debuted in November of 2014 to mixed reviews. The 3DS title included an innovative landscaping system and interesting crop variations, but neglected to include a proper town as a center for the community, leaving many feeling that the new title was a little more Minecraft than Harvest Moon.

Since The Lost Valley hit shelves last fall, Natsume has been diligently collecting feedback and supporting the game with DLC every few months. Seeds of Memories will be a unique opportunity for Natsume to show a wary fan community that they’ve been listening, and could make or break their base’s faith in whether Natsume can pull its own without Marvelous behind it.