Kelly Bedard

For over a decade, the start of a new year for us meant the announcement of award nominations. Since the 2007 launch of the MyTV Awards through to 2020, the final year of our Critics’ Pick Awards, we’ve celebrated hundreds of deserving artists even as the shape, scale, and branding of our awards season shifted. […]

At the WB Games press room celebrating the upcoming release of the new Gotham Knights game, we got the chance to sit down with Christopher Sean (Nightwing), America Young (Batgirl), Wilson Mui (Cinematic Director), Ann Lemay (Narrative Director), and Patrick Redding (Creative Director) to get the inside scoop on the game. 

Inside the San Diego Comic-Con press room with the team behind WB Games/Player First Games’ sprawling IP mash-up MultiVersus.

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read all of our coverage from Toronto Comicon 2022.    We stopped by the Retro Game Bros booth at Toronto Comicon to get the scoop on the most rare (and valuable!) old school gems they had on sale.  

In these times of social distancing and shutdown, our physical…

  Kelly Bedard

CLICK HERE to read all of our SDCC 2018 Coverage. I’m not a skilled gamer but the ever-evolving art coming out of that storytelling genre fascinates me and I love to talk to gamers and game-makers about the latest. On the floor at San Diego Comic-Con, I caught up with programmer Richard May who walked me […]

Absurdity abounds in this festive seasonal sequel to Hatoful Boyfriend, the notoriously bizarre pigeon dating sim…

  Vyasar Ganesan

*moderate spoilers ahead* Some of my earliest memories of the Marvel comics character ‘The Punisher’ come from the old PlayStation 2 game. A gritty third-person shooter where you could have Frank Castle (who, in this incarnation, stood at well over six feet tall and wore a flowing black trenchcoat) kill people the old-fashioned way, or […]