In these times of social distancing and shutdown, our physical…

  Colin Munch

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Zelda: Breath of the Wild but its portrayal of women is really brutal. With few exceptions, women in Hyrule are presented as meek, giddy, fashion-obsessed idiots who can’t get over how attractive Link is. I’ve encountered three different characters, across three different species, that need time to psych themselves up before […]

I was introduced to playing Dungeons & Dragons in the early 90s – specifically the second edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. As fate would have it, I wouldn’t participate in an ongoing roleplaying game campaign with any sort of frequency for another twenty years. That didn’t stop me, however, from giving non-board-based tabletop games […]

  Colin Munch

So much space in my life right now… No Man’s Sky Since I spent so much time last week discussing the hoopla around the release of No Man’s Sky, I thought I should actually take some time to discuss it as an experience separate from the discussion. I’ve now invested around 10 hours into the […]

  Tom McGee

A newbie ventures into the world of murder and rage-quitting that is Dark Souls 3. Armed only with the advice of friends and a colourful arsenal of profanity, the author will face down one of the hardest games in recent memory. Part travelogue, part autopsy, part review… join us for part one of ‘Stranger in […]

  Emurii Rezendes

Natsume has just announced a new entry in the Harvest Moon series, “Seeds of Memories,” for Wii U, iOS, Android, and PC, set to show at E3 this month. Various sources report features like tool upgrades, a bobcat pet, 10 marriage candidates, and unlockable “seeds” that are obtained through forging friendships with the locals. For […]