26 August 2014

Emmy Week: Lazy & Stale, a Wrap-Up of the Show Itself

By // TV

First and foremost, I must say I am happy with all of the Breaking Bad wins, that show deserved every trophy it won tonight, but more on that later. Let’s …

17 March 2014

All The Way: LBJ takes on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

Ask the average American under 40 what they know about President Lyndon B. Johnson and they will likely do one of two things: (1) stare at you blankly or (2) …

02 October 2013

Breaking Bad, In the End

By // TV

With most shows, viewers spend countless hours discussing possible endings for the series. With Breaking Bad, however, there were certain truths that had to happen and most of us were …

01 October 2013

TV Recaps

By // TV

We know how you obsess over your favourite shows.

We do too.

Click on the images below to read our latest Episode Recaps.

28 September 2013

Congratulations, Now I Hate Breaking Bad

By // TV

Congratulations, friends! It’s official: you guys have made it impossible for me to watch Breaking Bad. In fact, I can now, semi-officially, say that I might HATE Breaking Bad, admitting …

28 September 2013

Breaking Bad 5.15 “Granite State”

By // TV

The penultimate Breaking Bad launches with Saul entering his own version of witness protection. Played by Robert Forster (Jackie Brown, Mulholland Drive), Ed sets up Saul with a new identity …

17 September 2013

Breaking Bad 5.14 “Ozymandias”

By // TV

Designed to remind us of how far we’ve come, “Ozymandias” begins with a flashback. Before things got so complicated, Walter and Jesse cooked in a Winnebago in the middle of …

11 September 2013

Breaking Bad 5.13 “To’Hajiilee”

By // TV

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest shows on television. This week, the writing staff and creators have actually topped themselves with one of the best episodes they have …

05 September 2013

Breaking Bad 5.12 “Rabid Dog”

By // TV

The last episode ended with Jesse pouring gasoline on Walt’s carpet and soaking the living room furniture. “Rabid Dog” begins from Walt’s point-of-view as he pulls up to the house …

30 August 2013

Breaking Bad 5.11 “Confessions”

By // TV

Since the beginning of Breaking Bad, there has been a growing hatred towards the character of Skyler White. She began as a character with a strong backbone and firm set …

21 August 2013

Breaking Bad 5.10 “Buried”

By // TV

Within the realm of Breaking Bad, nothing is too peculiar. In last week’s episode, when Jesse was flinging out $10,000 wads of greenbacks like a paperboy (while fighting back tears …

19 August 2013

Video of the Day: Breaking Belding

By // TV

Some would argue that Breaking Bad is the best television show on the air right now. Some would say that Breaking Bad is the best television show of all time. …

13 August 2013

Breaking Bad‘s Last Premiere

By // TV

Directed by Bryan Cranston, “Blood Money” began much like the first episode of the first half of season five, “Live Free or Die,” which showcased Walter White’s lonesome Denny’s birthday. Set …

12 September 2012

Breaking Bad: Mid-Season Wrap-Up

By // TV

For better or for worse, the final season of Breaking Bad is half over. As discussed previously, AMC has decided to spread the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad over the …

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