30 March 2012

My TV Nominees- Q&A with Adam MacDonald

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2011 My TV Awards, we’re proud to present the My TV Nominee Interview Series. The actor behind one of the main villains on Canada’s best TV …

28 February 2012

My TV Nominees: Q&A with Morgan Kelly

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2011 My TV Awards, we’re proud to present the My TV Nominee Interview Series. A standout player on Canada’s best TV show, Morgan …

30 December 2011

Erica Says Goodbye

By // TV

December 12th marked what is most likely the series finale of Canada’s best original series. Though the word hasn’t come down from the CBC officially yet that there won’t be …

20 November 2011

Erica Lately

By // TV

Canada’s best show is almost through its fourth (and potentially last) season on the CBC. So before we bid adieu to Being Erica for good, I thought I’d better make a point of catching up with the time-travelling spitfire and her heartfelt wacky adventures.

23 March 2011

Being Erica in Season Three

By // TV

I’ve long loved CBC’s most successful drama. When it first premiered 3 seasons ago I was fond of its proud Toronto setting and unabashed Canadian sweetness. It was easily one …

15 December 2009

Some Quick Notes on Recent TV

By // TV

– How I Met Your Mother this week: do the showrunners not know that their characters can’t afford the negative connotation smoking brings? The only character who survived this week …


16 November 2009

Kelly Calls for a Breakup

By // TV

I wish it weren’t the case but I think it’s about time for Erica Strange to break some hearts. Though her and Ethan’s relationship began as very sweet (if entirely …

28 October 2009

Oh Canada!… that’s what she said?

By // TV

How I Met Your Mother may have taken me and my American counterparts to a fictionalized accent-filled Toronto last week but it wasn’t until I watched the latest from CBC’s …

13 June 2009

Being a Fan of Erica

By // TV

In such an American saturated market, it’s rare for a Canadian TV show to grab the attention of the nation. But that’s what Being Erica did. Of the very few …

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