I wish it weren’t the case but I think it’s about time for Erica Strange to break some hearts.

Though her and Ethan’s relationship began as very sweet (if entirely unoriginal), lately I can barely stand to watch them together. Every episode shows them bickering and the show’s wonderful leading lady looses a little bit of her shimmer when she steps into a scene with her love interest. Last season the very thing that convinced me that Ethan and Erica should be together even though they would be a cliche was that she lit up when in the same room as him, he had made her a little better and vice versa. Nowadays, she doesn’t seem to understand him (what was her problem this week with the sex life stuff, does she not know Ethan at all?) and he seems to be bogging her down. The show has been ignoring everything that made their relationship interesting (his 10 year marriage to a manipulative woman and all its ramifications, the differences in their relationship experiences, their many years of friendship making for an awkward beginning when it turns to something more, etc…) and is instead creating drama where there should be none.

The relationship is taking two lovely characters and tearing them apart by forcing them together. Maybe Being Erica should take a page out of the How I Met Your Mother rulebook: maybe too awesomes don’t make a right? Or the Dawson’s Creek book, which states that soulmates and trueloves can be two different things. Or maybe, they can make like FRIENDS‘ Joey and Rachel and backtrack, pretending they never ruined their awesome friendship by entering into a dysfunctional relationship. Any of these options is fine by me, but either way, they can’t be together forever, it’s simply not working out.