How I Met Your Mother this week: do the showrunners not know that their characters can’t afford the negative connotation smoking brings? The only character who survived this week without me losing a bit of love for them was Robin (who, let’s face it, always seemed like a bit of a smoker anyway).

Accidentally on Purpose: a really pretty terrible episode that I didn’t mind so much because Zack is just so darned sweet.

– I’m catching up on this season of Survivor this week. So far, with the blindsides of Erik and Kelly one after the other, it’s a pretty entertaining season.

Little Mosque offers up a highly-quotable if incredibly cheesy half hour that makes me wish they’d return to a good old fashioned Amaar/Rayyann matchup episode, bring back the good natured Rev. Magee and send the pompous (and not that funny) new guy packing.

Being Erica wraps up with the perfect conclusion to the season. The brilliant Kai story was given a satisfyingly bittersweet ending and Erica finally broke up with Ethan, a long time coming. I’ve been meaning to post more on this episode so hopefully there’ll be a follow up in the coming days.

– The season 4 finale of Dexter got spoiled by a Facebook status update that showed up in my Newsfeed. Could not be more annoyed by this fact.


– Golden Globe nominations are out! Three cheers for Big Love,which got a couple of choice nominations (including one for the remarkable Chloe Sevigny), and for Neil Patrick Harris who’s still holding out for a supporting actor trophy. That said, gross omissions abound and I’ve decided that I hate award shows.