02 February 2014

All The Goodbyes

By // TV

When an actor leaves a long-running TV series before its natural conclusion, it’s generally not a good thing. Sure, there are some series so long-lived that turnover is not only …

08 April 2012

Series Wrap Up: Little Mosque on the Prairie

By // TV

Little Mosque on the Prairie is largely considered one of Canada’s greatest TV shows. In terms of quality, I don’t know, the pickings are pretty slim and other than maybe …

11 January 2012

Big Divorce on the Prairies

By // TV

Last night was the premiere of Little Mosque on the Prairie’s sixth and final season. We last saw our beloved Saskatchewan Muslims in spring 2011 as series-central couple Amaar and …


14 January 2011

Exclusive Interview: Zaib Shaikh

By // TV

Little Mosque on the Prairie, now in its 5th season on CBC, is possibly Canada’s best-known sitcom at the moment. It’s leading man is Zaib Shaikh, a charming multi-hyphenate dedicated …

15 December 2009

Some Quick Notes on Recent TV

By // TV

– How I Met Your Mother this week: do the showrunners not know that their characters can’t afford the negative connotation smoking brings? The only character who survived this week …


28 December 2008

Little Mosque: “A Hard Day’s Fight”

By // TV

There was nothing I didn’t like about the latest episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. Let’s start with the small stuff: The B story involving Baber teaching at Layla’s …

16 October 2008

Obsessions: Oct 9-15

By // TV

Yes I love So You Think You Can Dance Canada and I am partial to NBC’s new show My Own Worst Enemy and a big shout out to James Ehnes …


07 March 2008

Little Gem on the Prairie

By // TV

“Little Mosque on the Prairie” may be a little show but it’s got a ton of heart and serves up a ton of laughs. This clever CBC sitcom features some …

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