Yes I love So You Think You Can Dance Canada and I am partial to NBC’s new show My Own Worst Enemy and a big shout out to James Ehnes is required as his Tchaikovsky violin concerto with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra last Saturday made my month, but there is one winner for this week’s obsessions…

Little Mosque on the Prairie season 3. 

One of very few Canadian shows I actually watch, Little Mosque is absolutely adorable and consistently funny. I watched the first 3 episodes of the season on iTunes tonight and they were lovely. Centering around the Rayyan/Amaar dynamic, the episodes had a bittersweet melancholy to them that undercut the prairie sweetness perfectly.

Quote of the season so far:

Rayyan: … otherwise there’ll be a 500 pound elephant in the room
Sarah: Wouldn’t that be a pretty small elephant?
Rayyan: Well, it has to fit in the room.