27 March 2014

Obsession: Key & Peele

By // TV

Key & Peele on Comedy Central is a best-of-all-worlds take on your standard sketch show. It’s like SNL with higher production standards and no boring musical guest, or MADtv if …

09 November 2012

VideoOfTheDay: BroCast News

By // TV

Here’s a thing we think should be a bigger thing, so we’re telling you about it. BroCast News is essentially two young guys in suits sitting in a New York …

21 March 2012

Uncompromising Obsession: New Girl

By // TV

Few things make me grin so widely as Tuesday nights… because I know New Girl is waiting for me on my PVR (rarely do I know when things actually air, …

30 January 2012

Snakes & Lattes

By // Games

My current Torontonian obsession is a geek-chic cafĂ© just west of Bathurst on Bloor called Snakes & Lattes. The wildly popular destination is pretty much exactly what it sounds like- …

30 October 2011

Obsessions: Grey’s Edition

By // TV

Most people gave up on Grey’s Anatomy years ago. Every single one of them was wrong to do so. The Shonda Rhimes medical drama has gotten better and better since …

01 October 2011

Obsession of the Week: Seth MacFarlane

By // TV

If given the chance to meet just one celebrity in my life, it wouldn’t take long for me to come up with a remarkably short list of whom I would …

29 September 2011

Penny, my hero

By // TV

She’s crazy, she’s emotional, she’s exuberant to the point of obnoxious, she’s open, she’s loving, she’s a walking mess with a new condo and terrible taste in men. And as …


16 September 2011

We Love You Neil, Congratulations

By // TV

The How I Met Your Mother star gets his star on the sketchy part of The Hollywood Walk of Fame.


08 June 2011

Obsession: Your Summer Abed Fix

By // TV

In case, like most TV-loving people, you’re terribly lonely and missing your favourite shows now that summer is upon us, Variety is here to save your day. Your best friend …

23 March 2011

Obsessions of Right Now

By // TV

Josh Zuckerman on 90210 Naomi, hilariously, may not have been able to reconcile having a crush on sweet science nerd Max right away, but I’ve loved the actor who plays …

22 February 2011

Actor Obsession: Kyle MacLachlan

By // TV

The Twin Peaks star’s presence can make almost any film or TV show better. Since his iconic show went off the air in 1991, MacLachlan has mostly filled the role …


17 November 2010

Character Obsession: Julian Baker

By // TV

Change is good. Or at least it can be, especially cast change-over kind of change. MASH really became MASH when BJ showed up in the fourth season to replace the …


23 August 2010

Actor Obsession: Matt Letscher

By // TV

So there’s this guy. Whenever someone asks me who my favourite TV actors are, I never think of him. I don’t remember to include him in lists of TV crushes, …

24 July 2010

Actor Obsession of the Week: Kerr Smith

By // TV

As I continue on my epic journey of marathoning Dawson’s Creek, I’m realizing that this time around I’m much more fond of Jack McPhee than ever before. Why? I’m not …

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