11 January 2012

Big Divorce on the Prairies

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Last night was the premiere of Little Mosque on the Prairie’s sixth and final season. We last saw our beloved Saskatchewan Muslims in spring 2011 as series-central couple Amaar and Rayyan finally got hitched and drove off towards their honeymoon (a sadly anticlimactic kiss capped the series’ 5th season). We pick up a few months later with the couple’s honeymoon cut short so they can return to Mercy to… wait for it… comfort Sarah as she works through her divorce from Yasir.


Yeah sure we got some Sitara Hewitt hair action and cutesy newlyweds-in-the-kitchen fun, a standard but fun Baber story and some fabulous Mayor Popowicz one-liners, but this could have been the greatest episode in history (which it was not, because it was not written by former series MVP Rob Sheridan) and it still would have been angeringly ridiculous. Maybe the problem solvers on this writing staff have never actually seen the show they write for because that can be the only possible explanation for splitting Sarah and Yasir up. There hasn’t been a divorce this unlikely on TV since someone had the bright idea that the way to end Mad About You would be to reunite Paul and Jamie post-split (*shakes fist*).

I get it, Carlo Rota left the show and his absence was naggingly suspicious, but a little bit of disbelief suspension isn’t too much to ask considering the alternative, apparently, is splitting up the least dramatic, most loving, most solidly unshakably functional couple in Canadian TV. Killing Yasir off would have been preferable (though, I’m sure, a bit much to ask of poor Sheila McCarthy after the death of Peter Donaldson last year). Actually, I’m sure there was a meeting at some point where that was ruled too dark an option, but imagine the character possibilities- the tonal deepening, the crises of faith, the strengthening of community- that would have inspired. Or they could have just left the guy in Lebanon, used their thinking caps to come up stories for Sarah alone in Mercy. Instead, we’ve got 13 episodes of Sarah exploring her newly single self as we actively pretend Yasir and her would ever, in a million years, get a divorce. Let’s ignore the serious frowny face Islam sports towards broken marriage and just mourn the fact that it simply makes no character sense.

I was prepared for a season of Rayyan-Amaar newlywed stories and a dramatic shift away from the Sarah-Yasir household since Hewitt and the adorable Zaib Shaikh can now utilize their superb screen chemistry a little more easily, but that could have been done without dropping Yasir like he’s hot. Now there’s a dark cloud over the season, reminding viewers that this is not the happy prairie they once fell in love with.

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5 Responses to Big Divorce on the Prairies

  1. julie says:

    The divorce does not follow the season relationship. The muslim man abandoned his wife and daughter. It seems almost evil and Sarah is not broken or really seems to care. They should have just left Yasir doing missionary work or something positive. This season seem terrible.

  2. Bubba says:

    The divorce was the end point for me. I have no intention of watching. How can they throw years of character development out the window? Sarah & Rayyan show hardly any heartache or sadness. PATHETIC! Season 5 was the finale in my eyes!

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  4. Anne says:

    I was really upset and shocked by the split, too. (I just got to see it on Hulu since I’m in the US, and unfortunately don’t get Canadian TV). I adore Zaib Shaikh and Sitara Hewitt, so I’m going to still watch, but it really didn’t seem to make sense. I was able to forgive the lack of emotion from Sarah, because I had the feeling it was something she worked through before we saw her (since there was 6 months since the wedding, so I’m assuming roughly that since the split). But I thought it would have been much more realistic to have at least gotten a glimpse of her grieving. Hopefully it gets back to what it was before this.

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