“Little Mosque on the Prairie” may be a little show but it’s got a ton of heart and serves up a ton of laughs. This clever CBC sitcom features some of the greatest sitcom characters on TV (and because it’s Canadian, its second season wasn’t at all affected by the WGA strike).
The show follows the story of a small Muslim community living in Mercy, a small town in the Canadian prairies. When the entrepreneurial contractor Yasir convinces the local Anglican priest to rent them the church hall, the community finally has a mosque that they can call their own. When their new Imam, the beardless and liberal Amar, arrives from Toronto, local extremist Babar is thrown into hysterics while the devout yet feminist doctor Rayann quickly forms a close friendship with him. Featuring a host of other hilarious characters (Sarah the earnest convert, Fatima the spunky Islamic authority and Cafe owner, Fred the prejudiced radio host and Layla the rebellious teenager among others), side splitting and socially relevant plot lines and whip smart dialogue, “Little Mosque” is one show in the Canadian landscape that you do NOT want to miss.

You’ll find a new hero in Rayann, a new comedy icon in Yasir, and a new sweetheart to crush on in Amar… not to mention that watching the show will help fight the ignorance that we all are ashamed to admit we have (though learning something IS just a side effect of enjoying yourself)