AMC’s new show Lodge 49 is odd and enigmatic and kind of entrancing. It’s hard to explain (it’s about a guy who joins a lodge, but it’s not really just about a guy who joins a lodge) and tough to pitch (I’m really feeling “because I said so” as my answer to your “why should […]

Micro-Review Walking Dead Season Three is a bit of a departure for the series, taking the focus…

  Saiya Floyd

The Night Manager is a stylish new thriller based on the 1993 John le Carre novel of the same name. The Night Manager has been updated to a modern setting, and features an all-star cast. At the center of the story is “the worst man in the world” – Richard Roper, an arms dealer played […]

  Tim Collins

When a show like Fear the Walking Dead premieres, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to its original inspiration (especially when the two are just one word different from one another). With four episodes under the belt, this spinoff is one that could potentially be as successful but I’m not quite sold just yet..but almost. […]

  Jason Hellerman

This recap series has been dedicated to one thing, detailing the events leading up to last night’s episode. From the moment a television show takes off the conversation about the finale begins to dominate the headlines. We read into the subtext, the minutia, trying to glean any insight into what makes these people tick and […]

  Jason Hellerman

As the second to last episode of Mad Men began it was hard to ignore the title card that appeared on my Tivo. The Milk and Honey Route. This week’s episode was written by Carly Wray and Matt Weiner and directed by Weiner. As the title suggests it was all about finding the Promised Land. […]

  Jason Hellerman

There are only two episodes left in the entirety of Mad Men and while that alone is a depressing thing to write Matt Weiner served us another episode full of soul-searching and heart breaking. This week’s episode was written by Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner and directed by Phil Abraham and does not waste anytime […]

  Jason Hellerman

As we cruise through the final episodes of Mad Men it’s important to note the on going theme of recollection. Where have we been? What brought us here? That probably sounds redundant since it feels like I’ve written that every week but it helps to keep in mind that those questions are not only the […]