09 July 2018

ATX Exclusive: The Stars & Producers of Lodge 49

By // TV

AMC’s new show Lodge 49 is odd and enigmatic and kind of entrancing. It’s hard to explain (it’s about a guy who joins a lodge, but it’s not really just …

14 August 2017

Family Matters in the Zombocalpyse: Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 3

By // Games

Micro-Review Walking Dead Season Three is a bit of a departure for the series, taking the focus…

30 April 2016

The Night Manager

By // TV

The Night Manager is a stylish new thriller based on the 1993 John le Carre novel of the same name. The Night Manager has been updated to a modern setting, …

22 September 2015

Fear The Walking Dead: The Season so Far

By // TV

When a show like Fear the Walking Dead premieres, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to its original inspiration (especially when the two are just one word different from one …

18 May 2015

The End of Mad Men

By // TV

This recap series has been dedicated to one thing, detailing the events leading up to last night’s episode. From the moment a television show takes off the conversation about the …

11 May 2015

Mad Men: The Milk and Honey Route

By // TV

As the second to last episode of Mad Men began it was hard to ignore the title card that appeared on my Tivo. The Milk and Honey Route. This week’s …

04 May 2015

Mad Men: Lost Horizon

By // TV

There are only two episodes left in the entirety of Mad Men and while that alone is a depressing thing to write Matt Weiner served us another episode full of …

28 April 2015

Mad Men: Time & Life

By // TV

As we cruise through the final episodes of Mad Men it’s important to note the on going theme of recollection. Where have we been? What brought us here? That probably …

20 April 2015

Mad Men: The Forecast

By // TV

Mad Men is back! I mean, it’s been back for two episodes but last night you felt the last season hit its stride. We got full helpings of Don, Betty, …

13 April 2015

Mad Men: New Business

By // TV

For an episode that opens with Don Draper making chocolate milkshakes things sure took a dark turn as Don spends another episode yearning for a life that could have been …

29 May 2014

Mad Men: Waterloo

By // TV

The most important episode of Mad Men’s seven year run might have been the penultimate instalment of the third season, where JFK is assassinated. The era of relative peace that …

22 May 2014

Mad Men: The Strategy

By // TV

While it seemed like the first five episodes of Mad Men this season have been building towards Don Draper coming up for the idea for frequent flyer miles, the shows …

14 May 2014

Mad Men: The Runaways

By // TV

Another week on Mad Men, another chance for Betty Francis, nee Draper, to be a terrible mother. Teenaged Sally gets sent home from boarding school with a beat up nose …

07 May 2014

Mad Men: The Monolith

By // TV

After a less than warm welcome Don Draper has fully returned to the offices of SC&P, but things are not back to normal just yet. At first glance, the episode …

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