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16 May 2014

Wye Oak – Shriek

By // Music

It’s been three years since we heard from Jenn Wasner & Andy Stack. 2011’s Civilian wasn’t necessarily a major commercial but it found success after The Walking Dead featured its titular track. …

02 April 2014

The Band Called FUSE: Impossible Dream EP

By // Music

Artists have a tendency to show their roots whether it’s the music that inspired their current love for music or the nations that raised them. The Band Called FUSE hails from a …

15 March 2014

St. Vincent – St. Vincent

By // Music

Annie Clark is not your normal artist. Every album has worked itself into this great little niche she’s been carving out where the music is challenging yet invasive. Debuting withMarry Me back …

07 December 2013

Childish Gambino – because the internet

By // Music

“enjoy” That’s what Donald Glover tweeted when his newest release because the internet leaked last night. There’s been a whole lot of hullabaloo circling around the rapper or the comedian or even maybe the …

31 July 2013

This Week’s #1: The Weeknd- “Love In The Sky”

By // Music

I’m personally a huge fan of Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd and a lot of the music he’s produced in the last two years. The extremely poignant tracks he releases …

08 July 2013

El-P + Killer Mike = Run The Jewels

By // Music

Hungry artists are fan’s best friends. El-P & Killer Mike may not be household names but they make waves with every release. El’sCancer 4 Cure was a great effort from the alt hip hop artist …

03 July 2013

Video of the Day: “Her Favorite Song”

By // Music

Ahh… there’s the Mayer we know and love; crooning into a soda can microphone with some hilarious imagery around him. The video for “Her Favorite Song” is like one giant …

29 June 2013

Video of the Day: M.I.A. – “Bring the Noize”

By // Music

M.I.A.’s videos have always been something to note. Her videos for “Born Free” & “Bad Girls” both brought a lot of attention to issues both personal and political. She doesn’t …

27 June 2013

Kanye West- Yeezus

By // Music

“Holy shit.” That’s what came out of my mouth when I got through this album for the first time. I simply muttered that under my breath, took my headphones off, …

24 June 2013

Video of the Day: “One of Those Nights”

By // Music

When this track came out in February, it seemed like this was a Weeknd song with Juicy J featured. XO takes up a majority of the track talking about the …

22 October 2012

This Week’s #1: The Weeknd – “Wicked Games”

By // Music

Abel Tesfaye has been around long enough to be selling out shows but you still might not know who he is or why people (see John Norris of MTV) are …

14 October 2012

This Week’s Number One: Deftones – “Tempest”

By // Music

Deftones have been creating music since ’88 and haven’t had a single line-up change until tragedy struck their bassist Chi Cheng in 2008 (he’s been recovering at home as of the latest news, …

08 October 2012

This Week’s Number One: Adele- “Skyfall”

By // Music

This week, I thought we’d try something new and introduce a new feature that focuses solely on a song. Yeah, album releases lend themselves to more dissection but sometimes, a …

06 October 2012

GY!BE- Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend

By // Music

I, personally, listen to a lot of drone music. I can read to it, write to it, think and work without hesitation or accidentally saying or typing the last lyric …

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