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10 October 2014

Puppets Walk Among Us

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Artichoke Hearts’ We Walk Among You, the puppet show at the tarragon extraspace, is one of the most emotive, and beautifully executed theatre pieces I’ve ever seen.  From the world …

17 September 2014

The Sporting Public: 6th Man Collective’s Monday Nights

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In 1926, Bertolt Brecht, the innovative German theatre director (and playwright, and theorist), spoke about the future of theatre, saying simply, “we pin our hopes to the sporting public.” Imaging …

13 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Thea, Day 5

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Redheaded Stepchild (A+) It’s the queer I, Claudia; an earnest story of a 12-year-old boy’s navigation of his parents divorce, his six grade bully, his ‘different’ sexual and scholastic leanings, …

11 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Thea, Day 4

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Amusement (B+) How cute are Johnnie Walker and Morgan Norwich. And what an enjoyable performance they’ve put together to celebrate Nobody’s Business Theatre’s 10th (along with Redheaded Stepchild, review forthcoming). …

11 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Thea, Day 3

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Sean & Steven Run For Major (B+) As most Fringe goers know, it’s word of mouth more than any review that will get you out to see a show. Whatever …

09 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Thea, Day 2

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Hey ‘90s Kids, You’re Old (B+) Hey ‘90s Kids, You’re Old, is really everything you want out of a fringe sketch comedy show: good laughs, clever premise, and pop culture …

08 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Thea, Day 1

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Lost and Found (A) What a better way to start my fringe binge than Marilla Wex’s Lost and Found. From the first moments of her honest and integral solo show, …

29 June 2014

He Huffs and He Puffs: Huff at Magnetic North

By // Theatre

You walk into the theatre. Plastic covers the walls on the stage. At first you don’t notice, but after a while you start see something projected there.  A ribcage?  “This …

26 June 2014

Pop-Up Love Party: A Love Worth Working On

By // Theatre

“What a strange thing it is, that whereas other gods have poems and hymns made in their honour, the great and glorious god, Love, has no such encomiast among all …

25 June 2014

Magnetic North: Broken Sex Doll

By // Theatre

Virtual Stage’s Broken Sex Doll, which opened this past Friday with Magnectic North in Halifax, was a little bit like a bad one-night stand: awkward, no heart, and way too …

23 June 2014

Magnetic North: wag

By // Theatre

“What I love about dogs,” Denise Clarke mummers as she begins imitating a dog’s slow building tail-wag, “is that they can’t hide their emotions.” Despite the audience’s noticeable lack of …

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