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04 March 2020


By // Theatre (Toronto)

After a stellar workshop presentation at the 2017 Fringe, BRAIN STORM returns to Toronto with its world premiere at the intimate Dancemakers Studio Theatre.  An innovative performance, BRAIN STORM is a …

14 February 2020

Progress, 2020

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Theatre Centre’s Progress Festival is one of my favourite annual festivals in Toronto. The programming is always sharp and smart, bringing cutting edge international performances to the Queen West theatre. …

14 November 2019

Obsidian’s Pass Over and why we see theatre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

We, the audience, are waiting for the play to start. Kitch (Mazin Elsadig), on stage, is waiting for his friend Moses (Kaleb Alexander) to wake up. Moses is waiting for …

15 January 2019

Next Stage, 2019: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our full list of Next Stage reviews. Dinner with The Duchess Meet Margaret (Allegra Fulton), a celebrated female violinist, who is retiring after decades of …

09 July 2018

Toronto Fringe ’18: Part X

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Thousand Beginnings (A) A beautiful mix of movement, dance, and existential curiosities, Thousand Beginnings offers a simple and subtle exploration of …

15 April 2018

Love and Information at Canadian Stage

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information, which premiered with Canadian Stage on Thursday, April 12th, is a fascination meditation on Love, Information, and the many places these two concepts meet. Under the direction …

01 February 2018

This is a Review: Declarations

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Declarations, a new show by celebrated Toronto Playwright Jordan Tannahill, is yet another testament to the author’s ability to present innovative, new theatre. A fascinating meeting of text and movement—of the …

08 January 2018

Next Stage, 2018: Part III

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Good Morning, Viet Mom “I can’t talk about my mom without talking about my dad. I can’t talk about my dad without talking about the divorce. I can’t talk about …

08 January 2018

Next Stage, 2018: The Antechamber

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The antechamber shows are short, 30 mins pieces, and some of my favourite Next Stage offerings. This year brought two high-energy clown pieces. Leila Live A self-described “real life Persian …

08 January 2018

Next Stage, 2018: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Jonno Another topical Next Stage piece, Jonno, offers a fictional account of a powerful, well-known radio host sexually assault women in Toronto. Most Canadians will recongnize the play as a thinly veiled …

10 June 2017

Ten-Minute Play Festival: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Click Here to read Part I of our Ten-Minute Play Festival coverage The White show and Black Show are a two parts of the four-part series in InspiraTO festival’s ten-minute …

04 June 2017

Bad Jews; Good Theatre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I was shocked as I walked into the completely transformed space of Artscape Youngplace to see the Toronto Premier of Bad Jews presented by the Koffler Centre of the Arts. …

12 May 2017

RISER 2017

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Two Birds One Stone  “Some of this is true and some of it is not” Natasha Greenblatt says to openTwo Birds One Stone, which premiered as part of the Why …

07 November 2016

Acquiesce by David Yee

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The beautiful geometric highrises are dark grey, crisp and askew, creating a darkly modern, if slightly nightmarish cityscape which the audience observes as we wait for Acquiesce to begin. Downstage …

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