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Thousand Beginnings (A)
A beautiful mix of movement, dance, and existential curiosities, Thousand Beginnings offers a simple and subtle exploration of the self and the female body. The two performers dance, play, question each other as they wonder about the contemporary moment with their bodies, their mothers, themselves. An incredible highlight is their use of brown paper, which at times is a backdrop, at time a blanket, at times a costume… a simple and evocative movement piece not to miss.

Movin’ Melvin Brown (B+)
Melvin Brown has lived quite a life and tells you about it in this remarkable one-man show. From do-op, tap dancing, comedy to male dancing, Brown has done it all. Weaving in his life story, one of struggle and discrimination, with songs from prominent black artists, Movin’ Melvin Brown is an beautiful story about acceptance, love, and music.

Flooded (B)
A unique, non-narrative movement piece taking place on a boat that literally goes into Toronto’s harbour, Flooded is one of those site-specific fringe experiences worth checking out. The performers speak in gibberish, sing, and move through an exploration of the body, sexuality, love, and shame. It’s a beautiful, intimate boat ride, and an interesting movement piece.  While certain decisions remain unclear to me, moments of struggle, desire, and longing standout beautifully against the blue Toronto skies.

Cheri (C)
Created by Sky Gilbert, Cheri is a musical play within a play that discusses desire, aging, and performance. An aging courtesan speaks and sings directly to the audience, flirting occasionally with her pianist. While the writing occasionally hit some salient moment on the themes of love, age and the body, still the Sunset-Boulevard story has been done before.

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