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08 December 2013

Welcome to Lepage

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I have no idea who Robert Lepage is. Shame on me. Well, I haven’t been all too familiar with any of the directors whose work I’ve discussed for this website …

12 November 2013

Donors by Brandon Crone

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Tucked away within Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood, 14 Markham Street is an inconspicuous-looking building. This domestic veil, however, belies the existence of hub14 – the hotbed incubator of independent contemporary …

17 October 2013

Michael at SummerWorks, Part 3

By // Theatre (Toronto)

After seeing a total of seven productions at this years SummerWorks theatre festival in Toronto, I decided to grade my reactions on an ascending scale. This began with two shows …

12 September 2013

Michael at SummerWorks, Part 2

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Onwards and upwards I go along the string of shows I encountered at this year’s SummerWorks theatre festival in Toronto. I’m now in the middle section of my crescendo of …

28 August 2013

Michael at SummerWorks, Part 1

By // Theatre (Toronto)

It comes as a relief to know that there is careful curation behind SummerWorks’ programming. Aside from modest ticket prices, it is even more encouraging to feel as though you’re …

24 July 2013

Michael at the Fringe: Sit Strategically

By // Theatre (Toronto)

As soon as I sat down in the Annex Theatre for my first-ever Toronto Fringe experience, I realized that I had already made my first Fringe mistake. I failed to select a seat that …

18 June 2013

At Luminato: The Life and Death of the Artist as Idol

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In North America for the first time as well as opening the first night of Toronto’s Luminato festival, The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic is a beautiful and strange …

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