DVA marks the sophomore release for the classically trained electronic singer/songwriter Emika. I went to the DVA listening party at The Standard Hotel’s breathtaking skyline bar Le Bain in New York where Emika performed in DJ mode. When I arrived the atmosphere was casual, the music was at a volume that made for good conversation. […]

Kevin Brouder is a Brooklyn-based artist and has recently been making music videos + Vjing for some of Brooklyn’s up and coming bands using a technique called ‘databending’. I’m glad to have caught his ears for Mic Raygun (my band)’s latest video “Try Me”. After watching his other videos I feel an immense appreciation for […]

Chills run up and down my spine. My ego says “fuck this man, I’m out of here”! The pressure builds in my ears as the instrumental drones of Insect Ark’s latest single “Symbols” drives its subtly uneasy pulse through the core of my soul. The layers of lap steel guitar create a sense of doom […]

I was walking through the grocery store the first time I heard “Ghost Years” by the minimal-electro-glam-darkwave group WAZU. I melted when the guitars came in. They shimmer on both sides of the stereo image. As I walked down the grocery aisle I felt I was being carried by these massive metal structures. It felt […]

  Mic Raygun

DJ Tim Bernyk hails from Boston, MA and has recently begun spinning live again since taking a break to raise his son, Sean. After missing a quarter of his set due to a long wait, I finally caught DJ Tim in action for a good 45 minutes. We talked after his set for a few […]

This week I went out to Glasslands to catch The Ice Choir and Craft Spells. The show was put together by PopGun, a Brooklyn based booking agency. The bill worked well with two different era kind of bands. There was a third band that opened called Ski Lodge, but I didn’t arrive in time. I […]

It’s been over a year since YARDGAMES’ 2011 release, Last Picnic In Limbo, but he’s back with Funky Daisy, a mechanical-feeling, beat-driven instrumental album that straps the listener to a conveyor belt and moves them through a myriad of landscapes. It’s rare for my mind to produce imagery this vivid for an entire album. Due […]

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Omar Thomas Large Ensemble took the stage at Berklee Performance Center on July 25th to a packed house. This was Thomas’s second concert at BPC with his 18 piece jazz ensemble since becoming a faculty member at Berklee College of Music in 2008 at the age of 23- making him one of the youngest professors […]