Kev B - TTMMMKevin Brouder is a Brooklyn-based artist and has recently been making music videos + Vjing for some of Brooklyn’s up and coming bands using a technique called ‘databending’. I’m glad to have caught his ears for Mic Raygun (my band)’s latest video “Try Me”. After watching his other videos I feel an immense appreciation for the art of databending.

One of Brouder’s first databending videos was for a song called “Leaving New York” by Filoselle. This lo-fi ditty caught my attention because I noticed the singer, Lindsay Gordon, seems to cover up her lyrics so the listener can’t tell exactly what she is saying. It makes me think it’s an attempt to keep the song personal, only allowing the listener a little peek into her lyrical world.

The other day Pajama People released their new music video for “Drum”, produced by Kevin Brouder. He made his own green screen for the shoot giving this catchy track a special spot in the DIY music scene.

Brouder’s videos are a psychedelic trip into the deep depths of Brooklyn indie-rock. His unique sense of visual aesthetic adds a tantalizing allure.

Check out Kevin’s work and see how computer art is becoming increasingly important in everyday consumer culture.
Filoselle- “Leaving New York”
Pajama People – “Drum”
Mic Raygun – “Try Me”