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17 February 2018

On the Road to Progress

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Two more pieces had their opening at Progress Festival on Valentine’s Day. While they couldn’t be more different, they did share something in common. Dis Merci When it comes to …

09 February 2018

MDLSX: a One-of-a-Kind Journey at Progress

By // Theatre (Toronto)

MDLSX, produced by Italian theatre company Motus, bravely opened the Progress Festival at Toronto’s Theatre Centre. It certainly lives up to the festival’s intentions. Just like Progress brings together theatre …

20 December 2017

Dr. Seuss’s Lorax Comes to Life at the Royal Alex

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Rightfully branded as a family show, The Lorax is a feast for the senses, and enjoyable for adults and children alike. Straight from London’s The Old Vic, this stage adaptation …

29 November 2017

Theatre Penumbra Tackles Challenging Oleanna

By // Theatre (Toronto)

My expectations were high going into Oleanna at Red Sandcastle Theatre. Grace Gordon and James McGowan are extremely accomplished both on stage and on TV. The play tackles very relevant …

20 November 2017

Another Trip Around the Sun, Another Great Solo Show

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I was at the opening night of actor-writer-comedian Daniel Stolfi’s Another Trip Around the Sun at The Bad Dog Theatre. The opening act for the night was improv duo Probably …

07 July 2017

Toronto Fringe ’17: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Falling Angel (A) An angel (Erica Wood) falls from the sky. In a park. What follows are endless jokes …

23 May 2017

A Successful Contemporary Take on Onegin

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Based on Pushkin and Tchaikovsky’s nineteenth century poem and opera, respectively, with themes including love at first sight, unrequited love, and regret, one might be weary of another attempt to …

16 May 2017

I’m Doing This For You: A Skillful Experience of Attentive Storytelling

By // Theatre (Toronto)

What a delightful pleasure to familiarize myself with the unique performance style of Haley McGee for the first time…

17 November 2016

Agency at The Theatre Centre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

What I loved most about Yell Rebel’s Agency is its originality. I’ve never experienced a story of this sort before. A young women, Hannah (Eva Barrie), shows up at a travel …

14 October 2016

Bad New Days in the Absence of Textual Dialogue

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Bad New Days recently premiered their intriguing double bill Italian Mime Suicide & Three Red Days at The Theatre Centre. Both pieces take on a physical approach to delve in …

07 July 2016

Toronto Fringe ’16: Part XVIII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Knots (A) It’s a big task keeping an audience engaged at 10:30pm but Lucy Meanwell and Jake Runeckles have …

04 July 2016

Toronto Fringe ’16: Part IX

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Silk Bath (A) Silk Bath Collective (Bessie Cheng, Aaron Jan, and Gloria Mok) assembles what is a very unique …

24 November 2015

Road to … where exactly?

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Road to Paradise is certainly timely. As we continue to battle wars and tragedies of all sorts across the world, we need pieces that bring people together to reflect …

14 July 2015

Toronto Fringe ’15: Part XXII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Click Here for the Full List of our 2015 Toronto Fringe Reviews. The Dinner Table (A+) The last show I saw at the Fringe was also the best show I …

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