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22 February 2019

Coal Mine Theatre presents The Father

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Father by Florian Zeller, directed by Ted Dykstra and Oyin Oladejo, is a brave close look at aging, specifically with Alzheimer’s Disease. The title character, known as André (Eric …

15 February 2019

Come from Away‘s Canadian Cast Re-Opens at the Elgin

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In the gloomy socio-political climate we live in, Come from Away offers beams of hope that even tragedy and despair can lead to long-lasting friendships and renewed faith. The show …

12 February 2019

COC’s Elektra Returns after Twelve Years

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Canadian Opera Company’s latest production of Elektra opened up recently to warm us right up, piercing through the snow. The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts was abuzz …

20 October 2018

A One-of-a-Kind Rendezvous

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Rendezvous with Madness Festival – known for its films – expanded this year to include visual art and performance. The mental health themes addressed in the festival are relevant …

30 September 2018

Harlem Duet: Just as Powerful Two Decades Later

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Given the heated discourse on race relations today – on and off stage – I am not sure if my title’s statement is positive or negative. One thing is for …

13 August 2018

SummerWorks ’18: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of SummerWorks Reviews Body So Fluorescent (A+) Desiree and Gary are close friends. Very close. Until one night in a club leads …

18 July 2018

Toronto Fringe ’18: Part XXXI

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Tears of a Bullet (A-) You don’t have to know anything about sci-fi writer Thomas Disch who inspired the …

14 July 2018

Toronto Fringe ’18: Part XXVIII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Josephine, A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play (A+) POC can, should, and will tell their stories. I am thrilled they …

11 July 2018

Toronto Fringe ’18: Part XIV

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Andy Warhol Musical: In Rehearsal (A) The fabulous cast of triple threats warm-up and stretch as the audience trickles …

06 July 2018

Toronto Fringe ’18: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews #KanderAndEbb (A) No stranger to cabarets, Ryan G. Hinds has delighted us over the years with many equally passionate …

09 May 2018

LULU V.7: a Horrifyingly Distant yet Related Past

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Without a doubt, I am a huge fan of non-linear work. I feel it’s more reflective of how our brain’s complex neural pathways actually work. Red Light District and Buddies’ …

17 February 2018

On the Road to Progress

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Two more pieces had their opening at Progress Festival on Valentine’s Day. While they couldn’t be more different, they did share something in common. Dis Merci When it comes to …

09 February 2018

MDLSX: a One-of-a-Kind Journey at Progress

By // Theatre (Toronto)

MDLSX, produced by Italian theatre company Motus, bravely opened the Progress Festival at Toronto’s Theatre Centre. It certainly lives up to the festival’s intentions. Just like Progress brings together theatre …

20 December 2017

Dr. Seuss’s Lorax Comes to Life at the Royal Alex

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Rightfully branded as a family show, The Lorax is a feast for the senses, and enjoyable for adults and children alike. Straight from London’s The Old Vic, this stage adaptation …

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